London 2012 Olympic Tribute

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft!
    As most of you already know, the London 2012 summer Olympics are taking place. So, as a tribute, I would like to have everyone on the empire make something to represent the Olympics. It can be anything that is somewhat related to the London Summer Olympics.

    Please post the res # of your creation so I can check it out. No prizes yet, but if I get donations I will include prizes, which will include rupees and some other items.

    Thanks for reading this and it would be appreciated if you could leave some feedback below.

  2. read it now
  3. i build something out in the wild, can i post a pick here? well here it is:

  4. I'm swear i was going to make the london tower bridge but im on vacation and this computer doesn't run mc.
  5. awesome!! I could NEVER make something like this! well done
  6. I made mine better!

    I know, I know, it's great....
  7. thanks
    and SparerToster i think yours is unique with the mats, lol, A+ for using your suroundings.
  8. Here's me, in my Andy Murray skin, just after a big "Free Gold to celebrate Team GB";

    And then I added a flag;

    SMP9 19000
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  9. LOVE IT!!