LoL or Dota?

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  1. What should I choose for...LoL/dota arena game-type? League of Legends or Dota?
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  2. OK but why Lol?
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  3. Dunno my friends are addicted to it and keep telling me to play it so it's prob good
  4. League of Legends probably has a more toxic community but its easier to get the hang of and addictive while dota is a tiny bit harder and just as addictive the maps and play styles are different I suggest watching videos of people playing both games
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  5. +1 for LOL
  6. I've never been able to get the hang of DotA. I started playing League a couple months ago, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I prefer it's management of characters much more, where you buy champions, to DotA's management where you use items on your hero. It's easier to find champs that you like in League, because you will purchase some at low prices and find that their playstyle is good for you. (protip: even the lowest cost champions are good, I'm currently trying to play one of them right now) Although the community is sorta toxic, there are also a lot of fun players to play with, and the toxicity is usually later in Ranked games. Now excuse me while I play another match :3
  7. Heroes of the Storm
  8. Beside the toxic community LoL is a great game, It's not as hard to learn as Dota.
    I pretty much only have played lol (tried dota2 once.. Never again xD)
    And about heroes of the storm , meh..
  9. League for sure. It's a great game. Been playing for almost a year and a half now and have never been bored of it :)
  10. apparently, seeing as you have become final boss veigar ;)
  11. It's probably my favourite skin I own xD
  12. I used to play LoL and tried it out again a few months ago, and it was even more terrible than I remember. I don't really like either game, to be honest (most MOBAs suck...), but I massively prefer DOTA.

    LoL also has a community full of douchebags, so...
  13. Wow, LoL's community seems to be really notorious... :eek:
  14. well , thats where they made the mute button for xD
  15. I played LoL for over a year, casually and competitively. What drove me away was their policy for penalizing players who no longer want to play. If you're in a match where things have gone toxic, you are required to stay the remaining 30-minutes of the match or face automated punishment/banning. (30-minutes is common, not exaggerated)

    Reasons why I would not recommend LoL to a new player:
    a) extremely toxic community
    b) you'll be fighting veteran alts from your first game
    c) takes soooo long (months) to reach full strength
    d) there are new games with new communities, where the above suffering is not required
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