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  1. This is a rough draft of what I'm trying to do -- please criticize (constructively, of course :))

    To add the tiniest bit of context (the actual project is still a secret), the logo is supposed to represent a large schism between two things, and light plays a huge part

    EDIT: Cleaned up the logo.


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  2. Oh, it's cool! It seems to be a bit off in some places, though. On the o and the D, particularly.
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  3. I agree that it's nice, but it's definitely inconsistent with how each individual letter splits the black and white. For example, the shadow of the I's is partially over the white, whereas the shadow of the V doesn't overlap at all; similarly, the black part of the D is to the left of the white part while the black part of the O is to the right of the white part. I think it would look better if you used the same format when dealing with each letter.

    For example, here's a quick sample I whipped up in a second or two. Obviously it would look cooler if the black areas of the letters weren't exactly on top of the white, but it just demonstrates that you should really have some semblance of order and consistency in the letters (e.g. ALL the letters are exactly on top of the other half as in this pic).
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  4. To me, it looks like what he was going for is the shadows pulling in. I don't think he was trying to line them up all the same way. If you look in between the "i" and the "s" the shadows go further and further out left and right. The only alignment that looks a bit off the me is the "n". Otherwise, good work.
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  5. Oh, I notice, now. Thank you for pointing that out.
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  6. Makes sense, but in that case the D and N (as you said) seem like they aren't out far out enough. I also am not sure that this would be a good idea. It's definitely great in concept, but the problem is that since the logo is made up of a single word, anyone looking at the logo is going to read the logo from left to right; they won't look at the overall picture using the center as a focal point. This will probably result in most people thinking it looks like an uneven staggering job rather than a pulling towards the center. Again, it's a great concept, it just doesn't work as well when put on paper in my opinion. :)
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  7. Yeah, it took me a minute to realize where the focal point was. I think this sort of design would need more than 2 colors if you're going to keep the focal point where it is and have the shadows move outward, otherwise people may get confused. I like the idea of just black and white though also.
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  8. Awesome! Looks cool! :) I like how the letters are right next to each other, like shadows. The white and black is a good color combo.