Logging Detail against Griefers

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  1. Hi, I want to know how good is the logs that can be used to identify griefers? Ie can a mod/admin see who destroyed stuff after the fact?

    some people said their servers are in depth that they can see logs for this stuff.
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  2. EMC doesn't use any sort of block-logging plugins, simply due to the shear amount of logging it would take, the potential lag it would cause and the size of the log files it would create. There was a discussion recently about this kind of logging software in this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/help-needed-plot-griefed.2834/
    Hope this is of informational use to you :)
  3. Hello Aikar, I've suggested the LogBlock plugin (thats what its called) to Justin. However, he said that it would generate files that would become to big. This is because the Empire has so much members placing and destroying blocks, the file would become pretty big in a small amount of time. You get a 60x60 plot on one of the SMP server to build to your hearts extent. In the wilderniss building is at own risk, since it can be griefed. The blocks built/destroyed will not be logged. The only weapon against griefers is a screenshot.

    If you see someone griefing in the wilderniss, you can make a screenshot and post it in a conversation to one of the staff members. They will then decide what to do with the evidence.

    I hope this has answered your question!

  4. You beat me to it xD, I've told the same, but in a little more detail =p
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  5. That's why I added the link, Justin goes into detail regarding the reporting software :)
  6. Thats Justins explanation :)
  7. losing my stuff doesn't upset me, not being able to bring justice to him does :(

    I know it happened between 1am to 8am EST, and recent enough for items to still be on the ground when I logged in at 8:20AM.

    Stealing my items I can understand, but to destroy the bed to break respawn and also breaking my infrastructure to the outpost = jerks :(

    I wish people would be smarter and be like "hey, this place would be useful to me too, ill setup camp with them"
  8. would it be possible to use that logging plugin but only record Sign Creation? Griefers very commonly setup a sign (They did for my case)
  9. What does the sign say? Any name or whatsoever? And what if you camp out, and wait for him/her to return?
  10. just says "Haha you losers got RAIDed"
  11. Did you check the live map for any person in a 50 block radius? I'd say, rebuild the outpost, and wait for him her to come back, as a supporter you got the ability to /hide if i'm right, or is that Gold and Dia supp only?
  12. I was griefed some time back, but the only thing you can do against it is keeping you head held high, rebuild and hope it doesnt get griefed again.
  13. They didn't destroy the "outpost" itself. I use a minecart track in the nether to get there, they destroyed that (partially), but left the roof/walls/chests/furnaces up, only took my enchanting table, iron, gold, rails/powered rails, diamonds (I only kept a few out there to build new axes and such, keep main supply at town) and all of the minecarts stored in the chest for us to use to get around.

    I don't believe they hunted me down on the map, as the spot I was at was surrounded with black void on the livemap indicating noone had ever been there before, but now a new path is visible nearby as "explored" but still enclosed with blackness, so I'm guessing they used a nether portal and just happened to land close, then went backwards down my track.
  14. also, this base was meant to be temporary, I was planning to lock a chest once I build even farther out.
  15. Still, i recommend the [LOCKED] signs above any chest with valuables in the nether or wild, simply coz it works, and keeps your stuff save =p
  16. Lock the chests, and when you move out, wreck the locked sign, get a refund, and LOCK it again elsewhere =p
  17. All supporters can hide themselves on livemap, it's one of the most popular perks aside from garunteed login slot.
    Lock chests are the best way to go, but unfortunately still doesn't prevent griefers, only thieves. :(
  18. Griefers are simply pathetic. There is no hope for them. Griefers take away the essence of minecraft: Building your thing, and being in a community that cares for each others creations. Not destroying it when the builder(s) are offline