Help Needed Plot Griefed!

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  1. I came on at about 1:50 to find out my wood roof has been changed to stone my red carpet (Which took a long time to get) was put to stone floor some items in my chest are gone my 2nd floor has been filled in and some parts of my walls have been replaced with stone. would you be able to reset my plot back about 3 days? the number is 6940 - thank you for your time. 2012-01-28_02.19.25.png 2012-01-28_02.19.34.png 2012-01-28_02.19.25.png 2012-01-28_02.19.34.png 2012-01-28_02.20.16.png 2012-01-28_02.20.38.png 2012-01-28_02.20.48.png
  2. I am sorry but this EMC doesn't have the rollback feature you are referring to. Although a backup is done, it is a complete backup, and is only used in extreme circumstances, Justin/Jeremy can't roll back an individual lot.

    BTW, i like your texture pack, very rustic :)
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  3. And if u got griefed its ur fault for giving perms to the wrong people.
  4. Yes Shaun is correct, sorry we cannot "roll back" a lot. Additionally the protection in Town is left up to the residence owner. It is the owners responsibility to manage permissions. We have 1,500 residences per server and can't manage every single residence :)
  5. Agree with Shawn on the texture pack. Very nice! :)

    Sorry about the damage to you place.
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  7. bb rollbacks arent absolute you know, if a greifer destroys your house or lot, and plants trees, when the area is rolled back the trees will stay.
  8. this makes it so u can c who has broken a block, placed 1, opened a chest etc..
    easier to catch griefers
  9. The reason we don't run something like big brother is that we have a unique system where grief protection is put into the players hands (Town). We are a very large community now and don't want to police every action that takes place (thousands of players). Additionally plugins like that make a database entry for EVERY single action, with us that would be hundreds of thousands per day. Then when you want to "look up" who opened a chest the system has to pick the record out of potentially millions, this would be a huge performance hit. :)
  10. It would pick up the last 10 entries not including u twice
  11. The last ten entries for every single action on every single block, thus still millions :)
  12. U dont necessary need 2 do every single block like H3dge said his wooden roof was changed to stone if u check 1 block that would be enuff to catch the greifer
  13. You are correct you would only need to check one block :) But in order for the system to keep a history of that block it has to keep a history of every single block, because it has no idea what you may check in the future :)
  14. It may or may not be a good idea but i also do agree that res owner choose's who to give perms 2
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  15. thank you everybody and the comments on the texture pack! ive found out that the house was actually set on fire and my friends had saved it, sorry for this post :)
  16. I love that texture pack as well. What is it?
  17. Default FTW