log in and fireworks freeze smp9

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  1. I'm trying to log in on smp9 and as soon as I do my game gets less than 1 fps.

    The problem is my neighbor has a firework display that is run buy a mine cart. He had it off but some one must of come buy and started the cart and left it on....

    So if some one would be kind and go buy 19471 and stop the cart, or if a mod could remove the cart. I will give him a new mine cart, just stop the fireworks please.
  2. I'll try it :)
    EDIT: Why does someone even makes this... He must have a very good computer...
  3. Thank you for trying :) I have been around while it was running before and did ok fps wise but not today...

    A little more than hour and half later I was able to stop there cart, but the fps lag is still very much there :confused: so I give up for to day hopefully it fixes it self buy tomorrow.:(
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  4. I will look tomorrow again for you. :)
    Btw, relogging each 5 secs works pretty well :p
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  5. We are looking into it. Most likely fireworks.
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