Locking of chests in Wilderness

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  1. So one of the most common requests I get is the ability to lock chests in the Wilderness. The reason we never did it before is that I have seen popular servers with this feature and you end up with thousands of locked chests all around the spawns (I even saw on one server someone built a locked furnace wall that couldn't be broken down lol).

    However with our shinny new rupees system I was thinking what if you could lock chests but it costs rupees? That would keep people from locking a bunch but still give you the opportunity to protect stuff while you are mining.

    What does everyone think of this?
  2. What cost would we make this, it should be high, to keep chests from being spammed everywhere.

    Maybe 50-100r?
  3. Good idea, but I think you would have to buy rights to keep an amount of your chests locked.
  4. maybe make it a supporter-only feature Justin? that would give more incentive to upgrade even if it's just to iron level.
  5. You mean buy the feature similar to the vault (using /purchase)? Or do you mean buy the rights per chest?

    I personally think buying rights per chest might work. Maybe with an increasing amount of rupees depending on how many chests you lock?

    eg: 1 chest lock 50 rupees, 2 chests 100 rupees, 3 chests 200...etc.

    Is this even possible? I'm just throwing ideas out there.
  6. I thought about this and it is an option :) if we make it enough rupees, like 500, it would pretty much be a supporter perk. Or we could do something where it is free for a certain supporter level..

  7. I like this Idea.

    Few things:
    1) Maybe only allow 1 Locked Chest per player? .. If You've lost your chest, then a command to remove the lock.
    2) Perhaps charge you everytime you open your chest?? Like the Vault does.
    3) I Think the range 300 - 500 is good to create a locked chest.
    4) Im undecided about whether it should just be a supporter feature.
    5) Putting other play names on the sign should allow them to Open the chest too? That way more than 1 person can share a chest. Reducing the overall number. Spreading the over all cost for players too.
  8. I really like the idea of being a supporter feature, but maybe have the pricing tiered.. :)
    Also, limit # of lockable chests in wild to 1 for Member, 2 for supporters.
    Member --- 400R
    Iron Supporter -- #1 200/#2 100
    Gold Supporter -- #1 50/#2 Free
    Diamond Supporter -- #1&#2 Free
    (Numbers can be tweaked to be more cost effective.)
    This would give incentive to be a supporter and still charge for everyone to use them.. :)
  9. Part of me also thinks we could do it like the Vault where it costs you to place stuff in and take stuff out, so people really think about when they need to or want to use it.

    Also, should we set some sort of time limit on it...like a "derelict" wild chest system? I'm thinking about those who never show up again or get banned from the server who have locked chests.
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  10. meh

    u mad bro?
  11. The one thing I hate about the vault is that it can't be opened in the Wild. (or, it couldn't the last time I tried)
  12. Solution found, lol.... Vault accessible in Wild :D
  13. Yeah, that was done on purpose so that people couldn't carry a chests worth of stuff on them with access to it whenever they wanted, lol.
  14. Pricing is really the biggest challenge here Twitch's suggestions are good for pricing although 400 is sorta of really exspensive and putting signs so others can access is also good but i think members should be able to get 2 chests also
  15. Possible Simple Answer: Vault costs more to open in the Wild.
    Like, a lot more.
    Like, 400r every time.
  16. I don't think we want to do the vault anywhere but Town at all due to it's size.
  17. Chests in the Wild that need to be secured, realistically only need to be locked in order to protect your ore horde that you've been digging out. That's the stuff you really don't want to lose. Everything else you can replace fairly easily.

    If chests are too cheap you'll see them everywhere as you mention. There is no downside to them being too expensive though. It -should- be damned expensive to buy a lockable chest in the Wild.

    The first chest should cost 500 Rupees straight off the bat. The second one should cost maybe 1000r and there should potentially be a limit on the number you can have. Two chests would be enough in my eyes because with use of the Nether to fast travel in the Wild there's no reason why you can't in a few minutes be back at your Residence or vice-versa. It'd encourage people to keep going home to drop off loads.

    I think what we need to focus on is that if you're a paying Supporter then you'll be able to reach the price of the second chest relatively easily. That's only fair. You're paying real money to support the servers.

    If you're a free player then it's something you're going to have to earn. I have no problems whatsoever with scraping together 500r for one chest and 1000r for another if it means I know my Wild hoard wont get rifted by someone. I'd be content with a limit of two as well.

    Potentially the limit could be increased per Supporter level, so Diamond have unlimited for example.

    Either way, it needs to be expensive or limited in number because as Justin says, we've all seen servers with locked chests -everywhere- or worse yet, people making houses out of them or vaults out of them.
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  18. Justin, would there possibly be a way to tweak the live map to show the locations of the chests belonging to the player looking at the map? Like me dying and searching the live map for my chest icon instead of wandering around the wilderness for a week and then giving up? And I wouldn't want to be able to see everyone's chest on the live map, it would just clutter it up.
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  19. If This not possible, a command to show the co-ordinates of your chest would be helpful.
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