Locked chest to be unlocked?

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  1. So, I primarily live in the frontier, and I had a question. if someone has been gone over 500 days and has the status of derelict, would it be possible to unlock their chest? me and the rest of my guild members have come across some locked chests that when we look up the player, that player has been gone over 500 days and is derelict, or we find a chest belonging to someone that is perm-banned. would it honestly be possible to unlock that chest so that the items inside may be able to get use instead of taking up space in a giant crater where the only object is the chest?

    Please let me know:

  2. Would be best to message senior staff and they will look into it. Just click here. Give them as much detail as possible as well.
  3. I had the same dilemma, it was in EnderTopia and belonged to a recently perm-banned player. Lucky me though, I got the chest and locked it for my safe-keeping of items! Go to emc.gs/pmss and tell them of your problem, coords, and player name of the chests! They'll be helpful!
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  4. thank you! will work on that very soon!
  5. I'm pretty sure they won't let you have the items inside the chest, but they will delete it for you.
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