Local Brush Fire

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  1. A few fires started no longer than 8 hours ago. There are 6 different fires that literally have me and my neighbors surrounded. The bad thing is that firemen do not have the fires under control. It's the closest fire that I've witnessed and it's honestly quite scary. 30 homes near me have already been burned down and my old elementary school is in the pathway of the fire. I'm really hoping the fire won't spread any more than it has. All I can do right now is hope for the best and help anyone I can out :) Im over this 100 degree weather!

    The only benefit of this is that school will be closed for the rest of the week
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  2. I wish you the best of luck until this gets cleared up.
  3. 0.0 wow...
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  4. Stay safe dude :)
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  5. please dont burn up... EMC players need you... :D
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  6. Stay Safe!
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  7. Don't hide in the fireplace. Just because it's brick and fireproof doesn't mean its safe. If fire gets within 10 yds. of your house, get in the middle of the road away from telephone poles. If body of water nearby, go to it. But only as a last resort case because you may suffocate in smoke. Stay safe dude.
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  8. Hopefully the Firemen can get the fire under control, but stay safe in the meantime!;)
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  9. hope nothing else bad happens good luck conner!! :)
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  10. Good Luck!
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  11. Thanks everyone, 2 more fires in my area have been reported.
  12. Pack some things Coon. Get ready just incase things don't go well :S
  13. Dude, if you have a backpack, fill it with 1 waterbottle for yourself and everyone your with. Also, what state/city are you in?
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  14. Be safe you! Us cute animals have to stay together. :3
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  15. Google waldo canyon fire. Pics to come. It was right where i live.

    This is one taken within 100 meters of my home

    Hope your safe. I have been in that experience. Best of luck =)
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  16. San Diego, CA. I don't own bottles water and the store is a 20 min drive (and there's a TON of traffic)
  17. Been seeing a lot of these on the news. I hope you and your family and friends are safe, and good luck! ;)
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  18. Dude. Stay safe and good luck. Fill your bathtub with water in case of water pipe damage.
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  19. Call in the helicopters and begin the dumping of much water, do a rain dance, and stay safe out there. We're all rooting for you to make it through safely.
  20. I'll probably just run into the ocean ;)
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