Loads of Items For Sale

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  1. Hello,im selling loads of items if anyone interested see me

    Labor Bench
    Wooden Slab From 1.2.5 Its Fire Protected And only Breaks fast By A Pick Axe
    Valentines gift rose
    Shpeshul Staek By Maxarias [ Thats how its wrote ]
    Zombie Head [ Special Because it was dropped by a momentus ]
    Shiny Flesh [ Dropped By Momentus ]

    Diamond [ Dropped By Momentus ]
    Zombie Head
    Creeper Head
    Skeleton Skull
    ICC Birthday Voucher
    Stable Voucher
    Momentus Toothpick
    2012 Empire Firework
    Independence Day Firework
    2013 Empire Firework
    Everlasting Axestopper
    Ore Buster
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    Feather Falllling Boots
    Cactus Pants
    Bullet Proof Vest
    Big Daddy Helmet
    Spawn Horse From Tutorial Starter
    Starter Pickaxe
    Starter Sword
    Starter Boots
    Starter Leggings
    Starter Chestplate
    Starter Helmet
    Diamond Pickaxe From Tutorial Starter
    Diamond From Tutorial Starter

  2. How much for the wooden slab?
  3. I would like a Stable Voucher and Valens and saltar
  4. How much for the dragon poop
  5. I have come to talk to you ~FD

    EDIT: Bought the valentine gift, thanks very much :)
  6. Np
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  7. But when you place the slab, isn't it turning into a proper wooden slab again?
  8. nope, just break it with a pickaxe just to be safe, and its all good ~FD
  9. How much for the Valentines rose?
  10. Gone ^_^ mwahaha ~FD
  11. For how much can you sell the armor?
  12. yes, feather fallling boots, cactus pants, big daddy helmet and the bullet vest
  13. I'd like the ore buster and dragon poop, how much?
  14. ore buster gone but dragon poop i can do
  15. Ill pay 10k for the turfinator
  16. How did you get the steak?
  17. Maxarias' spleef ~FDNY21