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  1. What, or where is LLO? Ive heard tons of people that keep talking bout llo. A response asap would be nice:)
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  3. When it gets griefing they work as a team (family) to repair it
  4. Thanks... I bet it gets griefed alot because i assume its not protected.... Is it hard to navigate to llo?
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  5. Its all land
  6. So is it easy to get there?
  7. Yeah, it is. If you cannot find it on the map we will tell you. Our plan is to be as open as possible to new people.
    We did and do get griefed, but we also already got a good count of griefers banned.
    So they tried to screw with the LLO and are now gone for good and can't harm anyone in the EMC :D
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  8. XD Theres more about the LLO you do'nt kno w ;) For instance: Did you know I've built a small hidden house:D?
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  9. :confused:
  10. I'm comming on a sabatical btw :) I'm taking a 1day break from building in town. Do any of you know a nice spot to build on :D?
  11. You can have my old house space. I can't get on till later to clean it up some more.