Llama love thread <3

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  1. On this thread just post your love unto llamas :3

    heres all the photos of llamas I have
    llama1.jpg llama2.jpg llama3.jpg llama4.jpg View attachment 36431
    So post your funny llamas, fancy llamas, and even you meme llamas here! :D

  2. Edit: I think that's an alpaca (on the left) but whatever :p
  3. Llamas are great. You know what's more terrifying greater? A badgellama.

    So majestic...
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  4. BUMP
    New llama pic :p

    Even Hispanic people respect llamas.
  5. Why. Just why. I hate llamas. I just want to eliminate their species. Then eat Caden's Piz Arrols. #I'mprobablydeadsoon
  6. The llama military shall now hunt you down, jk xD.
    Yes, those are llamas in Israel's military xD.
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  7. That's genocide :p
    It also sounds like that time when Australia declared war on Emus (EMUS, not emos), gunned them down in the streets and stuff, and then 'surrendered' about a week later :p

    I also hate llamas. I have been physically assaulted by many in Welsh farms, and had my butty stolen off me by one (which I was looking forward to ;-; ) on one particular visit. What other creature has the audacity to steal a seven year old's ham and cheese butty, other than god-forsaken llama? None! The only species they are rivalled by are pigs, who funnily enough stole my SAUSAGE roll off me when I was eight (#HerbivoreCannibalism).
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  8. Wait..... How is that genocide?
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  10. (facepalms) (in Arnold voice) No! You will taste my fury. eat minigun! I will need your glasses, your hat, your bike...
  11. llama10.jpg