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  1. I'm going to live stream Monday, October 1st, at 4:00 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)..

    If you send me a PM labeled; "Max! Read this!" I will read it out loud for the live stream. :)
    I will make sure specifically not to read these just for tomorrow, so feel free to send them any time before 4:00 est!

    Don't know what time that is in your time zone? Google 4:00 pm edt to (your time zone)

    Livestream link:
  2. *begins writing PM*
  3. what will the live stream url be
  4. and is edt australian lol im not smart with timezomes im only 13!
  5. It's US Eastern time, it's just.. Weird timeszone change thingy they do. I don't understand it either. :p
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  6. damn... i'll still be in school when you start. I would of done a live stream for in-game play style a while ago but it lags my comp so bad...
  7. Yay no school tomorrow! I can watch the live stream! Er…where is the live stream going to be at?
  8. lucky you:mad:
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  9. :D Let's get back to topic, shall we?
  10. yes that will be alsome in australia were on holidays
  11. kk :D, so max were it will be?
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  12. Ah, too bad, I won't be able to watch it.....
    It is too late in the evening for me..... Right when I am quitting this day, it starts... Maybe start a half an hour earlier? :p
  13. I'll put it on my youtube for those who miss it.

    I'm not putting out the link to either until tomorrow. :)
  14. ok so u placing link like 3 hours b4 it
  15. Something like that. :)
  16. Anything?
  17. As long as it isn't something vulgar, or what not, yes.
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  18. *Kills last creeper outside, picks up minerals, walks into house, sits down at computer, types*