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  1. Hi Guys!

    I'm not sure who to ask about this but its in regards to the Live Maps for all the servers.

    I live in Sydney Australia and when I load the wasteland Live map for any of the servers, its doesn't completely load. They only show specs of the map not the whole map.

    This wasn't an issue when i first signed up almost a year ago, i thought maybe is was a short term issue but now I'm really bummed out that its still not loading after 7 months.

    Below is a screen shot of the map


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  2. This is because the area has not been explored yet. The wastelands have just been reset. People actually also have to place or break blocks to render the livemap.
  3. Hi Rain!

    Not to worry, this isn't a glitch but by default. The thing is: the wastelands have reset recently and after that moment it takes a while for the live map to catch up. Basically (to my knowledge) the map will only update when players change the landscape (so add or remove blocks).

    But the change itself can be fully traced back to the recent reset (when EMC went 1.8 the wastelands also got reset so that we could all have access to those gorgeous new blocks).

    Hope this helps you.
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  4. As Shel said, the map only loads chunks that have been altered by players. However, that's not always reliable. One reason is to prevent people from being trailed to their base, another is to reduce the toll the map has on the servers.
  5. ohhh! thanks so much guys!