Live Map res info does not work on Internet Explorer

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  1. When you try to click a res on the map,you get a empty box,like this
    Screenshot - 28_1_2012 , 18_03_49.png
    Can you try to fix it?
  2. I can try, but you should seriously consider getting Google Chrome browser :)
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  3. It works in google chrome? I use chromium on linux and it doesn't work at all, just get a black page, so I've had to use firefox for the live map.
  4. Chrome FTW ;)
  5. The same happens to me. Empty Box=Empty void in my brain.:(
  6. I mainly use Internet Explorer,but I also have Firefox.
  7. I can take a look, but without a ton of work I don't what I will be able to do. The map is a huge program managed by an excellent team (Dynmap bukkit), they use this library for the actual mappings:
  8. Hmm just checked the leaflet site, and their home page is black, but works in firefox. It must be a problem with openSUSE's chromium build.
  9. Or Leaflet's problem, its hard to place blame in the realm of the internet :)
  10. Firefox FTW :D
    (PS. Chrome faster.)
  11. I just installed google's official build, and it works! I don't know why chromium didn't work, but it had been messing up with some other javascript heavy sites too, but they're working too.
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  12. i used firefox from when it was called phoenix. it used to be a nice browser up to about 3.5 after that i think they lost their way. chrome sync is the killer feature for me though. if you use several computers, its awesome.
  13. I could not agree more, FF used to own then they lost what made them great. Chrome now owns but if history tells us anything it won't be forever.
  14. Also Firefox take lots of time to start on older computers,it takes about 20 seconds to start Firefox on my computer.
  15. I think FF messed up since 4 lol
    3.6.3 is best for me
  16. You should not be using Internet Explorer... It's a danger to your systems security to use it.

    I use Chrome and Firefox, mainly Gmail/FB/G+ in Chrome and everything else in Firefox.

    Chrome uses too much memory (its actually worse than Firefox... Chrome just masks its memory usage by multiple processes), so I just leave firefox open and restart every day or 2.
  17. I've not studied the memory consumption of Firefox or Chrome, I just know before when I had 2 gb ram, opening firefox my entire computer would crawl and become pretty much unsuable. Chrome didn't do that.

    Just because something forks a second process of itself, doesn't mean it's using double the ram. Modern operating systems use copy-on-write memory. So, when chrome forks a new process, it's not actually using anymore memory until the new process attempts to write to that memory (then the OS will copy that memory and mark it read-write).
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  18. I'm talking about comparing both over long periods of time. If its slow that means your system is probally pagefiling (due to out of memory already) and is not a fair comparison.

    you need to leave both open and have free memory still.

    If you open chrome://memory-redirect/ in Chrome, it will show a summary of the total memory usage. And after time it will grow into the 1.3-1.8GB range

    Right now I have 6 tabs open and its using 850mb....

    Firefox could have 30 tabs open before getting to that.
  19. I got 8gb :D
    eat all u want :)
    memory buffet
  20. I assume you mean swapping to disk? If so, Firefox caused my system to swap to disk, because closing it made my computer usable again, and opening chrome, then my computer didn't swap to disk, and I could use it for days at a time (I leave my computers running). This is with no other apps open mind you.

    Anyway, what does it matter what the numbers are if one is usable and another isn't?

    I'm gonna leave this here, it seems to be turning into a browser war.
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