Live map problem?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by iamfuturetrunks, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Anyone else getting this red box error on live map when you first load it up? It seems like its slower these days. Just figured I would show someone on here since I saw no posts about it yet.

    I go by the button that says live map on the server listings so im pretty sure its not just me.

    Well that's it from me.

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  2. Yeah I am getting this problem. Who knows why it is so slow now...
  3. It does this to me, but straightens up and works after a few moments. I just thought it might have had to do with browser cookies and junk so deleted them. I still get it.
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  4. Yeah for me it sometimes fixes itself. But other times it just doesn't load properly.
  5. Let Aikar know however it may be an issue for JustinGuy to fix.
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  6. Yes ive got it aswell. Its just a black screen!
  7. Can you use the Snipping Tool and upload what you see on your screen here. :) Are you sure that you've waited long enough for it to load? Try using another browser.
  8. For me the red error message shows up, but it disappears after a second or two, and then the names load like normal.
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  9. That's normal, yep :)