"Live Map" issue

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  1. Not sure where to put this thread, but here we go. I was out looking for a new spot to put a cool outpost, I started heading to the unexplored black areas on the map. But while I was travelling through those areas, the map was not updating like it used to. I am not sure if the problem is on my end or the map's end. If the map doesn't update any more then I have no idea if I was in a real unexplored area or not. The map used to update as you travelled.
  2. Having same issue with Utopia Wastelands map.
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  3. http://empireminecraft.com/profile-posts/69257/

    Here is what changed. it will still update. Just not as often as it causes a significant amount of strain and lag on the servers. Could I recommend an in-game minimap?
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  4. Okay. Thanks for the info and the suggestion.
  5. So this issue hasn't been around too long then? If that is the case then I am most likely in a real unexplored area. Thanks for the update.
  6. I assume the "live" map issue will be corrected? I have been at my new location everyday since Monday and the map still only shows a very small patch where I have been working. It is really hard to know if I can establish an outpost there...
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