[LIVE EVENT] Wild Explorers

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  1. This will be my 100 Followers on - https://www.twitch.tv/sffl44 - Special!
    Meaning TONS of Giveaways!

    For those without twitch / not able to make it to the streams I will be giving away an Iron Supporter Voucher!
    Simply respond to this thread with how much Ancient Debris I will get from 64 TNT Mining in the Waste!
    Will win the Iron Supporter Voucher!

    Netherite Mining trip will start

    First Event will be taking place from
    1 PM - 2:30 PM EST (EMC TIME)
    Join us LIVE while I / we go mining for Diamonds and other goodies at y - 11

    Meet up at the North Waste Outpost on smp7!


    After the Netherite Mining Trip at 6 PM We will be Live until Midnight doing Miscellaneous things!

    Grand Prize will be a Gold Supporter Voucher Given away after we use up the 64 TNT in the Nether!
    To enter this giveaway you will need to be in twitch chat!
  2. 59 cause why not :)
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  3. ez solution: give the prize to me!
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  4. I’ll say around 14 debris for 64 tnt
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  5. My guess is something better than 24...... 25.
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  6. GOING LIVE - https://www.twitch.tv/sffl44 - Lets get the party started Guess are now Closed! Anyone after this message does not count sorry guys :eek:
  7. Looks like the Number was 9! No winners this time :oops: Will do again in the future! Thought for sure 14 would win! :eek:

    Sending over your way 5,000r for being closest while going over
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  8. awesome!

    Wow 9 is really low for 1 stack of tnt.
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