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  1. lol... i notice i had just hit well-known member but never posted an introduce yourself.
    Well... here it is

    I live in your mind... thats right :p.
    I love playing minecraft.
    I love supporting the empire as mutch as i can.
    I Will upload a picture in a minute :p
    I also will mention the :p is my favorite smiley
  2. Then why does your name involve Roblox?
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  4. Cursing isn't that accepted here on EMC
  5. well sorry... but i am not the one swearing I will put a warning so people know before they look at the video
  6. Caps aren't that accepted here on EMC
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  7. The point about the servers is a little invalid.
    Minecraft has it's own servers and they get by on a one-time fee.

    And besides, that didn't answer my question.
    All you did was post a video that might incite a flamewar.
  8. i was not meaning for a flamewar i was just telling you the reason why i have roblox in my username
  9. Then be glad there isn't one.
    My question remains unanswered.
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  10. Because of that video, or the general flamewar between them?
  11. Please do not try and start a flame ware with the not accepted on emc
  12. No... because i have a minecraft account to play games... and i have a roblox account to play games... and so they both match up for my youtube account i just put that as my name.
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  13. Right, you could have said that from the start.
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  14. ??? please tell me what you are trying to say
  15. lay off the caps lock button a little
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  16. ... Using all caps in a sentence is not using proper English -_-
  17. Guys, just saying, this was a Well-Known-Member celebration thread, and its supposed to be happy, and what you're doing is arguing, which I don't see fit. Also, Mr. MineMeetsRoblox only used caps completely in a sentence once, to warn users that there may be profanity.

    Anyway, have a happy Well-Known-Member-Party!
  18. That was one of the worst youtube videos I have ever seen. The guy tried making everything so dramatic and it just looked and sounded really stupid. Not to mention somewhat inaccurate.

    I've played both Minecraft and ROBLOX for a while and stopped because ROBLOX was copying minecraft, the community sucked, and so did the admin team.

    Originally Minecraft and ROBLOX were really different. ROBLOX came out first and was just copying lego and adding a little more "umph" to it. It was a fun thing where you were given a chance to create a cool game and learn some scripting in the process. It's popularity slowly picked up.

    Minecraft has been the same now as it was back in the day, it's just added some thing to the current content to make it more interesting. It's original, and ROBLOX is just copying ideas left and right.

    When he tried explaining why ROBLOX has monthly subscriptions, I had a lot of trouble keeping it together. Yeah, ROBLOX does host those servers so it should be a little more expensive, but here's a fun fact: After the release of Turbo Builders Club, John Shedletsky announced there would be no other Builders Club types to be released. A couple months after he stated that, Outrageous Builders Club came out.

    ROBLOX is a complete "cash-cow." It overlooks what the players really want to make money. Most online games have two types of currency. The standard F2P currency, and the "premium" currency. In 2006-2008, the "10 tickets a day" for F2P "robloxians" was a great amount. The 15 Robux for premium members was amazing. As the game developed though, they raised the prices of everything exponentially, leaving devoted and loyal fans who didn't/couldn't have a subscription. Look at the currency now. It's complete crap. You can spend $10 on 1,000 of the premium currency, whereas when I decided to cash out, I sold 1,000 on the black market for .$25 and it was considered a high price. I made hundreds of USD off selling my items because the game was crashing rapidly. The executives focused on money over players with every decision they made. There haven't been any "good looking" hats that have come out unless they were "Limited" or "Limited Unique" simply because they wanted to encourage people to buy more money for really crappy deals.

    A few years ago, AlexNewton (I think) had a popular place and hundreds of thousands of ROBUX (When that amount was considered "a lot") He sold his fortune on Ebay for half the price that ROBLOX did and he sold a lot. He sold thousands of USD worth. The price was crap, but it was better and just as reliable as ROBLOX's.

    Oh I forgot to mention a recent act, where they broke the law! Oh how silly of me. This page here: shows what each membership costs and it's perks. Look at the standard builders club (BC). Look at the "BC Beta Features" and you see how it shows Builders Club members get to test them out? Oh that's right, unless it's actually a feature! The trading system beta (when it was originally released on the main site) was denied to F2P and standard BC members, so you had upgrade from BC to TBC to get what you were already promised. It took a day for them to change that because several users contacted them about lawsuits they may start.

    Fun fact: About 6 months ago ROBLOX finally updated their BC page. You had to press a little button in the corner if you wanted to buy the standard BC. They HID it so parents would buy the more expensive options at first glance. That was a huge mistake, considering a hefty amount of their revenue was caused by the standard BC members.

    Now back to ROBLOX hosting servers.

    Every account made comes with a place. That place is connected to a server. There are MILLIONS of accounts that go unused. People use alt accounts and forget about them. Each place is still connected to a server. They charge more for their players due to their laziness. If they made a minuscule fee for you to put your game up for everyone, all those old and unused accounts from 2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, and even tens of thousands already there in 2013 would run out of money eliminating millions of individual servers. Wow. Considering they charge you for nearly everything else, that doesn't seem really hard now does it?

    So why do people hate ROBLOX and blame it for copying Minecraft?

    ROBLOX came out with a "new" building system. You built using premade blocks. Roughly half the height of your character. Sound a little familiar?

    "Well ROBLOX did this so there could be some terrain as well"
    That's a load of crap. Of the millions of possibilities they COULD have chosen from, they chose to replicate (horribly) Minecrafts system. Why? Because Minecraft became more famous in a few months then ROBLOX was in the 3 years it was made prior to Minecrafts original release date.

    ROBLOX is only good if you only play games. Nothing else.
    But wait!!!!!!!!!!
    You know the currency I was telling you about? Well a somewhat recent update bribes members to only allow BC and up users into their place! OH WOW AWESOME RIGHT?!?!? Now people are making membership only servers for double the amount of money per visit (a whopping 2 tickets per visit!!!!!)
    Yeah. They are bribing little kids.

    Here's a quick summary of ROBLOX's currency.

    An NBC (Non BC member) gets 10 tickets a day.
    A BC member gets 15 robux and 10 tickets a day.
    A TBC (Turbo BC) gets 35 robux and 10 tickets a day.
    A OBC (Outrageous BC) gets 100 robux and 10 tickets a day.

    Roughly 11 tickets = 1 robuck. A "Cheap" item costs roughly 1,000 tickets (100 days for NBC members) to earn.

    Now let's look at what they each get.

    NBC - 1 place. One place that may or may not be used that takes up server space.
    BC - 10 places. When I was BC, I used 1. 9 places taking up server space. Great!
    TBC - 25 places. Need I say more?
    OBC - 100 places. WTF.

    Now most people who get these memberships don't even build, leaving millions of places unused.

    And you are charged for their incompetence.

    The guy said "If the community is terrible, that's your problem" which is also complete crap. If there is a terrible community, people don't like to stay. One of the things EMC prides itself in is it's community. At least Minecraft offers a single-player mode where you can play by yourself. Roblox doesn't do that.

    Well basically what I'm saying is that ROBLOX copied Lego at the start and moved onto Minecraft. It focuses on money over the usual player. They charge you because they are too lazy to fix problems they have.

    You can argue these any of these points with me, but to prevent a flame war, message me.
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