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Do you /like the idea?

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Yes 16 vote(s) 64.0%
No 3 vote(s) 12.0%
Its alright 6 vote(s) 24.0%
  1. Nothing i like more than seeing a nicely planned res which had been worked hard on.

    So why not create the /like flag that way once in someones res you can use /like and up there publicity.

    You could vote once every 24 hours and a monthly leaderboard could be implemented.

    Every like goes to that players res number which is on the leaderboard after a month it resets to give new players a chance.

    Id love this to feature as i think it give us all the chance to view what other people like.

    Don't know if I've explained it well enough :p
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  2. This has been suggested a few times before. This is a little different, though. Normally I /dislike these ideas, but this is a good way to give players recognition for their great builds.
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  3. I /like this idea.
  4. hmm, this is very interesting. I would change it around a bit (probably not as many votes); Definitely no /dislike option. Negativity is bad.

    Edit: Just saying I like it. Don't read this as staff confirmation/anything-else
  5. +1 ...or /like

    I agree with Olaf, players would love to get feedback from other players about their build and this seems like the easiest and most simple way. I'd recommend no /dislike because that'd just bum people out, and some trollers may just go disliking every residence. Maybe there should be an award for the most liked res. Although some people might force people to /like their res.
  6. If this worked in tandem with the tag system, it could work exceptionally well :)
  7. I really /like this idea maybe even /love :p
  8. I always felt like these things were a bad idea because it detours people from thinking their builds are bad if they have a low amount and someone near them has a high amount and he/she may leave...

    Imagine I have a res and it gets 48 likes .... my neighbor has 23 likes... and I reset my residence... the likes would still be there - he/she comes back and is like 'what in the world, my neighbor doesn't even have anything built... people must just like him and give him likes not for his build but for who he is... meh - i don't want to play anymore'

    That might seem a bit dramatic of a statement, but people get upset very easily, and I don't believe we should off-put anyone if his/her design doesn't get as many likes...
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  9. I think it would encourage people to build, versus wanting to leave out of jealousy. Also, voting can be reset when the res is reset, or like tags, you can report if nothing is there.
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  10. +1 just to add on to it a possible "comment" system for the reuse's would be awesome!

    Usually what I do is sell a book & quill then have hoppers to give me suggestions. What would make it better or improve upon that would be actual comments that you may leave on the res for only the res owner to see it.

    For example; p.s. you would be standing on the res to add a comment
    /res comment (comment)
    /res comment Awesome Res! Maybe put some more lights"
    Only the res owner may do a command like; /res comments read

    +1 with some good ideas to add to it. :)
  11. What I think would be cool if mods could "verify" nice-looking/complete reses (like finished malls and parks) and then players could "/v +verified" to find all the interesting/completed reses on the server. Verifying is a great way for players to find great reses because people can't ask to be verified, they will just get it if a mod feels the res useful and finished (for example, Kyzoy's mall could be verified).
  12. There would still need to be done sort of process to it; with specific criteria - otherwise it is just each mods individual opinion
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  13. Thanks for the support and feedback, i dont know where you got this /dislike idea from as i didnt mention it in my post and would strongly disagree if anything like that were to he implemented into the game.
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  14. Just from one of the replies; Figured I would kill that idea before anyone suggested it.
  15. #The/LikeRevolution
    so whats gonna be next :p
    well /like
    I also would /like the comments idea, I was actually gonna post that till i read this:
    Then i was like
    ^beat me to it :p
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  16. Like Alex said, this should be tied to the res tag feature. More like, more priority on the tag list.
  17. Bump, any developer thoughts? I want to know if this is a possibility...