Lightning Raceways (need supplies)

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  1. I am currently in the process of making a horse racetrack
    • Races will be held every weekend:
    1. there will be 4 races a day - entry fees: (50, 100, 500, 1000
    2. you can watch as the races go on
    • I need supplies: this is my biggest project yet- I need:
    1. Quartz
    2. smooth stone
    3. hardened clay (blue, and yellow)
    4. wool
    5. rupees if you can donate
    • please post if u can get me these and your price
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  2. nice!
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  3. Bumpzzz... come on i need suppliers
  4. I can get you oak logs and wool.
  5. i dont need oak anymore how much for the wool by a stack
  6. Can you explain what kind of races it are?
  7. we will have 2 different types of races 1 will be loop with 3 laps... the other will be a straight run while dodging obstacles
    • If you go into a race that cost 1000 to enter you will win more,if you go in the 50 to enter u will win less