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Did I save the day?

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  1. Hey! I'm not sure where to post this but I'll do it here.

    Yay! I just saved a house and a person because of walking the dogs.

    I walked down the sidewalk, and I saw smoke coming from someone's back yard. "Cool, a cookout," I thought. I walked closer and saw flames.

    I ran with the dogs up to the front door, and knocked and rang the doorbell. They immediately came to the door, and I said, "here is a fire in your backyard." "Oh, that's just the generator, smoking up again," they replied. I said, "No, there's a fire back there," and we walked out there quickly. She told me to call the fire department, so I ran up the street and grabbed the phone as fast as I could and dialed 9-1-1.

    The police and fire trucks arrived momentarily, and they went in the back and put the small flames out.

    So, I saved the day, as the owner, Pat, said.

    I might have also saved her life, because that gas from the generator could have blown up!

    Now I feel like I'm going to pass out...
  2. BUMP

    Just thought yall might want to know...
  3. That's actually pretty darn awesome. [: Good job.
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  4. If this is true. Then congrats :)
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  5. Nice job hero! You are living up to your username :p
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  6. Good Job Hero, You Saved Em!
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  7. herocrafter: the hero
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  8. First off, good job! Secondly, lets hope you don't have to do it again. :p
    And thirdly, why did you start a fire in their backyard?;)
  9. Hahah it's supposed to say 'there' lol...
  10. Oh it's true all right... I guess ya don't have to believe me, since I'm just some random American citizen playing minecraft... Lol
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  11. Oh man, good job. I know that when such things happen you're not sure what to do but you act out of intuition and reflexes. When it's over you're probably shaking because all those things happened without you expected any of it. At least that's what happened to me last time there was a fire.
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  12. Yup! I was shaking, all right.
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  13. No, I believe you :) You are a true hero!
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  14. :) Well thanks yall! I'm going to try to put this story in my school newspaper.
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  15. Wow, good job! :)
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