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  1. I will most likely regret writing this, but ive been having massive problems at school, and I need some moral support

    This story all started 4 days ago, during 1st period. I was currently taking a test in math class in the front row, and I did not know this at the time. During a year book class, someone (Ill refer to him as "S") decided to "Screen Share" someones computer. He went and deleted the files while they were not looking. A few hours later during Humanities class, the class I was in, we where working on a project. My partner and I decided that I should share his screen so we can both work on the project at once. One kid named "G" saw me screen sharing, and got interested. I showed him how to, and he started using this for evil, every one in a while asking for my help with something (I have some knowledge in computers and HTML). A random saw me entering code, and was "Scared". The next day, over the loud speaker the vice principle (No caps on purpose) announced "There has been someone remotely controlling computers, if you know any information, please report it to the office, your name will be kept confidential". She was referring to S, the kid in year book. About 20 mins later, our class phone rang, and the teacher told me to go to the office. When I get there the vice principle calls me into her office. She said that 20-30 people reported me for "Hacking the school computers". She told me to go back to class and get my stuff, then come back RIGHT AFTER or I get in trouble. As I was walking up the hall, EVERYONE was taunting, "HACKER" "LOL I REPORTED YOU" "YOU ARE IN TROUBLE ROFL." Let me give two examples of the kids who reported me. One, "L" said he reported me. We had been friends since 2nd grade. He has ignored me for two weeks, and I have no classes with him. The second, one of my very good friends, "K", reported be because he computer stopped working "right after the announcement". Both of these were completely stupid, and from that point on I hated everyone. When I got back to the office, I had to write a massive paragraph about "what I did". When I got home, my mom was on Facebook, and "L's" mom wrote this to her. "You guys are such good parents, I am so sorry you guys have to deal with you kid hacking and stuff. I really hope he learns his lesson". I dreaded going to school the next day. She called me into the office, and the teasing continued. On Thursday, I was walking along our main street, campaigning for a new high school, when some 6th graders ran up to me, and yelled. "ITS THE HACKER!!!!! RUN!!!!!". Today during 6th period, I was called to the office yet again. This time they searched my computer, and took photos of all my application. They found nothing, since it wasn't me. They still thought it was me.... Next she said I was deleting files of kids personal computers. There is no way to do this, (at least not with what my computer has) and she kept interrogating me. After school, while tears streaming from my eyes on the way home, the mayors son, "A" ran up to me and said "Lol, I deleted some of my files and reported you. HAHAHA". This kid has been doing stuff to me since 1st grade, and it looked like it was not stopping anytime soon. I ran the rest of the way, not wanting him to beat me up again. Now I am here. (I did not include everything in the story, because of confidentiality issues between kids, and me)

    Please help me by giving me some moral support.

    Thanks guys :oops:
  2. If you explain the situation and you show that you didn't do it, they can't blame you for it. Other than that, just ignore the teasing, it's something everyone has to live with at some point in their life.
  3. Well, I think you should not ever listen to my advice.
    You should really act like a hacker and hack into the school site and mark all those kids tardy.
    You might be a "hacker" but you still get revenge >:D
    (don't listen to me at all plz)
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  4. That is a very unique situation. They are obviously not your friends so I suggest finding somebody new. Somebody who would not usually hang out with and make some real friends.

    As for the teasing, have you tried filing a bully report? You are always welcome to talk to me about this stuff.
    Talk to you parents, teachers, or guidance counselors if you are having problems with people teasing you.
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  5. This is ridiculous.....teachers are so stupid. sorry you gotta deal with this man, life isn't easy and problems of any sort at school make things 1000x harder (at least they did for me). I don't know what program was used, but surely there has to be logs somewhere of the connections made and who did it. I would think any half decent IT tech or computers teacher would know this. Sorry this is happening you man, you just gotta keep on keeping on. I know it won't be easy, dealing with crap like that every day. That stuff is never easy. But you will make it through. Is there any way you can work with them or do something to prove it was S? If you haven't already, would probably be worth mentioning you have had problems with A for so many years, could be worth something. No matter what though man, you got me and everybody else here on EMC. We got your back! :) Hang in there.
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  6. Let me give you the advice I give a lot of people:

    "Sometimes you just gotta look at life in the eyes, and while it's distracted, kick it where the sun don't shine"

    Don't let this stuff get to you, these guys don't even sound like they're worth your time, so just remove contact with them.
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  7. If you cannot beat it, you can always attempt to embrace it? Maybe try joking about it and such.
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  8. I know, is there a program they have for you guys to use to screen share? I'm not saying you were hacking. People really are idiots. If you really wanted to hack the school computer, why would you bother with students crap?
  9. That's messed up. The only thing that can be is a school who needs a tech advisor. :confused:

    It appears no one knows anything about computers. Does anyone teach a computer class? You could refer to them.
  10. True Friends : Even though they joke and tease, they don't do anything that will purposely get you in trouble for a long time. I'd say look for new friends. If I were in this situation, I'd move to Alaska, but no. Explain what you were doing in detail, and if they don't believe you, then that's their problem. Shrug the teasing off and later everyone will forget.
  11. Don't feel alone. I'm in a similar position and I'm considered screw-up
  12. I'm so sorry to hear this is happening to you right now. It sounds like a lot of people around you are failing, your school's management isn't handling this situation properly and your 'friends' don't behave like friends at all. Keep talking to you mother about how you feel and don't let it get to you. You can always continue to talk about it here on the forums, and if you need to keep your mind off things, play some minecraft. ^_^
  13. Well, if your mum believes you didn't do it, get her to talk to the school. If she goes as far as threatening to remove you from the school, they'll certainly believe her then.
  14. There is one thing I have to say about this...

    Sorry for the long paragraph.

    This is a harsh situation. Many people don't understand what most of us are doing. I was in this situation, but no one hacked the system. It just downloaded some type of spy ware and some other stuff happened. This part in life is a hard part. You are able to let them know you didn't do it. Tell them that one of the people you taught a few cool computer tricks to used the tricks to learn more and do evil things/actions. As I am told, not to teach anyone how much I know about computers and systems, unless it is something important. Let most of the people you know you didn't do it and say this out loud "_______ DID IT!!!!"

    The bullies are not legal in the US at all... (If you live here)... I suggest contacting someone you trust and talking about the situation and your deep thoughts.

    You can even talk to me. I've been in this situation :)
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