Letter to the Development Team regarding Future Events

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Which would you prefer?

Player-run impromtu mob arenas/events 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Staff-run scheduled mob arenas/events 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Staff-run (scheduled) and Player-run (impromptu) mob arenas/events 8 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. To the Development Team,

    One planned feature shown in the Development Roadmap is automated events, such as Mob Arena and FireFloor. This is generally a bad idea and would ruin the foundation which Empire Events are built upon, and ruin the events themselves. For the purpose of this post, "mob arena" is used in place of all Empire Events.

    Automated Events such as Mob Arena are categorized as mini-games in the roadmap. Such categorization tremendously downscales the importance of these events. Events are not just "tiny little things to do when bored of other things" as the roadmap clearly states. Empire Events are huge attractions that bring the community together (and blow them apart, in the case of Mob Arena).

    Categorization aside, random mob arenas popping up everywhere would ruin the appeal of current mob arenas. They happen once, maybe twice a week, tops, which makes them unique. Players initiating their own mob arenas will take away the uniqueness of Staff mob arenas. I cannot speak for the hosts of these events, but I'd imagine they're incredibly fun to run, and taking that away seems like a bad idea.

    The arenas on the games server would be bland. I suspect the arenas would only attract a few people, and definitely wouldn't be as fun. Killing mobs and winning games is only one part of events; the second is player interaction, which is an enormous thing at Empire Events. While I'm not particularly worried about this with the implementation of the games server, deliberately removing events (or changing them for the worse in my opinion) is terrible for the future of the Empire.

    The wording of the roadmap is unclear as to whether or not regular scheduled mob arenas will still exist, but if the current plan is to drop those that is a terrible idea. Mob arenas aren't just appealing to me because they're fun, but because there's loads of community interaction, which we'd lose if scheduled mob arenas went away.

    Keep scheduled mob arena and ditch the player-run ones; it's better for all of us. I understand the appeal of being able to jump right into a mob arena; however, there are better alternatives. The roadmap lists two potential minigames, Frenzy and Gauntlet, which would work just as well as mob arena.
    • Gauntlet: Leaderboards included on who was able to survive the longest
    • Frenzy: Onslaught of mobs at once - compete with leaderboards on who can clear it the fastest
    Semi-off topic but still very relevant: For items rounds, a set "kit" would destroy the purpose of those rounds. The biggest part of mob arena is the preparation. In a blog post by samsimx, he says, "Mob arena is an amazing event that gets your heart pumping and blood flowing." Perhaps the biggest reason for that is what you have to lose if you die - do you bring loads of god apples and risk losing them, or do you play it safe with five? If you go for a small amount, you might lose your armor. If you die, do you really want to drop that second set of armor, but if you don't bring it you might die from broken armor? These things go through my (and probably others') heads every Tuesday and Saturday. The risk factor is part of what makes mob arena so appealing - don't take that away.

    Fairness is what no items rounds are for. Don't take away a vital part of mob arena for those who don't want to lose items or don't have the opportunity to get their items. There's a reason why we don't reset every residence whenever a new player joins the Empire - don't do it in the mob arena.

    For those of you curious, yes, set items are planned. The roadmap does say: "Implement FAIR politics on the events so everyone has equal chances."

    I would appreciate a Staff response on this, but I encourage anyone to participate in a discussion. Thanks for your time,

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  2. The idea wasn't to remove staff ran events, there will always be staff ran events where you lose items.

    The idea of an auto one is for when players want to have a smaller personal match w/o any worries of loss, and open potential for people to do it who never get a chance due to timezone.

    There will always be special staff events, dont have to worry about that, just opening potential for more opportunity to partake in them.
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  3. I think doing both, as Aikar said, it the best solution. Maybe some kind of constant stream of mobs for the standard thing where you are simply measured on how long you survive and not if you can outlive others. This would keep staff run events fun and unique while offering the same experience for smaller events.
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  4. Only problem I see with player ran one - the player in charge would usually have to deal with handing out perms to the 'chests'

    One solution, however is make a prize chest - where you can put items in, but not take them out ...

    After each round, there be a set grace period of time to allow the winner to auto have perms to the output chests - the 'winner' would then allow individuals to have perms or everyone have perms


    If the host was to be the one to hand out perms, imagine just hosting an event, to have people die and only them have access to the chests - aka they set up people to give him/her free things.
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  5. The automated one wouldn't have item drops or any 'reward' (maybe a small token or rupee reward if certain criteria is met to avoid abuse?). It would be purely for fun.
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