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  1. To my fellow LGBT community of Orlando,

    Not just my heart and prayers have gone out to you in the period of time since the tragic Hate crime. I was setting up for Pride in Philadelphia at Penn's Landing when we heard the news. When we heard about LA we did not go home. We stayed strong. WE ARE STRONG. We will never be thrown back into a closet and had it could've easily been Philly. It could've been me. As a matter of fact the youngest victim of the tragedy was an 18 year old from Philadelphia. My heart goes out to her family and all those affect. However, I have Mourned greatly but now I will fight. I will do whatever I can throughout my life to ensure LGBT people are equal and are safe.
    -Who would have know that by the time the next day that I took that picture at Philly Pride's kick-off celebration that my community, the LGBT community, would be the victim of the worst attack on american soil since 9/11.-

    I was up early in the morning grabbing cereal for what seemed what would be all nighter because I couldn't sleep. However, while I was sitting down and eating cereal, 49 of my fellow community members were gunned down in cold-blood while celebrating their pride and 53 injured. (we will not count the shooter as one of the victims that is why it is not 50) With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage and the (slow but sure) progression of Transgender right in America Myself and, I'm sure, my community were looking towards another year of hope, progress, and love. Instead on a night of absolute bliss, happiness, and love they were meet with hatred and bigotry. THEIR FINAL MOMENTS ON THIS EARTH WERE FULL OF FEAR! For that I am deeply hurt and heartbroken. I almost couldn't take it watching Anderson Cooper choke up on live TV while reading the names. This is why Assault Rifles must be banned flat out (not all guns) like they were under Bill Clinton. They are designed to kill and I'm entitled to my right to LIVE OUT AND PROUD AS A GAY MAN!

    This is not just about me. It is too easy for people to cause this terror. Why? Because of the NRA and others like Trump who would like to see other groups be victimized. We must not victimized another group of people like Trump would like to do. We must come together and defeat this hate with common sense. No-gun buy lists for suspected terrorists should be a thing!
    Pride has taken on new meaning for me today. I will never bow down to the fear of others and I will stand up for what I believe in. I'm absolutely devastated by this attack. Don't blame Islam, radicalization, or the FBI. Point blame where it really matters. At the NRA and gun lobby for not allowing "SIMPLE" gun regulation let alone restriction. My people's blood is on your hand, as well as Sandy hook and San Barnidino.
    I will dedicate me life to fighting for my people's rights, and the rights for all people to live in security and happiness.
    Philly is Orlando. WE LOVE YOU AND WE ARE WITH YOU ORLANDO!!!!
  2. As completely useless as it might seem, especially online. There will be a Vigil held on SMP2 at 3559 at 6:00 PM EST. I can't guarantee it will do anything. However to the other LGBT members on EMC I believe it will help show support and help. I do urge you all to donate on the gofundme page for the Orlando Shooting Victims. This vigil is regardless of policy views and regardless of my previous speech. This is about showing of support.
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  3. You can expect me to be there SSRC.
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  4. I will try be there SSRC.
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  5. bump ( i just want ppl to see this)
  6. I'll be working, but place a torch for me. A Redstone one, cause I'm not too bright.
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  7. I plan on being there, my condolences go out to the affected families and the poor souls who ended up inside pulse.
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  8. I was shocked when I heard the news. My prayers go to the families of the victims. :(
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  9. Boss let us off early, I'll be there
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  10. TotalBiscuit puts my thoughts across more eloquently than I ever could.

    I have gay friends. I know a lot of gay people. The closest person to me outside of my family is bisexual. They put up with more needless shit than the rest of us do just because they don't swing the same way as the majority of other people. The fact that somebody would go out there to senselessly murder dozens of people just because they like members of the same sex disgusts me, and the fact that it's got a lot of people scared to show off their LGBT pride makes me sick. The most fun-loving, caring, funny, smart and all the rest of what makes a good person I will often find in a gay person when I look among my friends. If I had to give a message to the members of the LGBT community, it would be the same one I stand by when there's a terrorist attack somewhere - stand tall, don't let the fearmongering get to you because that's when the murderer's goal is achieved, and use it to be stronger.

    You are awesome people - and yes, I know gay people are normal people and thus there's a lot of bad ones too (I actually know one who uses his sexuality to manipulate people and uses it as an excuse to get offended over everything), but it just seems like you have a higher tendency to be humble and funny in my experience.

    -Rest of post removed due to political insults that we stated wouldn't be allowed in these threads.-
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  11. I don't mean for this to be insensitive, but this is less of a hate crime and more of a mental health issue. This was a terrible event, but it shouldn't be used inappropriately.
  12. Thanks. I'm glad we can argue over the technicalities, instead of mourning a great loss of life.
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  13. We can have an argument if you want to continue making snarky comments or we can have a discussion if you would be open to a different (not necessarily conclusively "true") viewpoint.
  14. Just please everyone keep it civil. Thanks so much.
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  15. Or you can avoid posting anything that requires a preface of "I don't mean for this to be insensitive".

    Good life rule, that one.
  16. Taking a tragedy like this and making it political was in incredibly bad taste.

    The NRA had nothing to do with the deaths of these people. To try and blame them is flat out ignorance. Some whack job, racist, sexist, homophob, wannabe terrorist killed these people. If he hadn't had guns he would have used some other method. Do you recall the Boston Bombings.

    Maybe if 2 or 3 people in that club had concealed carry permits, we wouldn't have had the death toll that we did.

    I have many friends in the Gay Community and I live 50 miles from Orlando. I refuse to allow you to use this tragedy to push your leftist agenda!

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
  17. I thank everyone that attended and respected this vigil held by SSRC. This thread is now closed.
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