Let's talk Audio.

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  1. Ahh, hello there people of the empire!

    I have never seen a thread like this posted before, so I shall explain. In this thread, we are talking about audio, and about how much of an audiophile we all are.

    - Music, and speakers are acceptable things to talk about in this audio thread, but I am talking about headphones in particular.

    Not these headphones either guys!

    Or these.....

    Note: Lets keep arguing to a minimum with our audio discussion, and enjoy the music!
  2. When I'm using Mumble I use these:
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  3. I was about to talk about my iPhone headphones that came with my iPhone...
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  4. i have px5 wireless headphones by turtlebeach they rock. Sorry they do not have a picture. :(
  5. I personally have Audio-Technica ATH-M50's.


    Great lows, without intruding into the mids or highs.

    EVERY song songs so good.

  6. I'm sticking with my sennheiser hd202s. Only 25 dollars, and that's good enough for me :p
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  7. Sennheiser ehh? Sure you don't want these? There only like 1,500... >.>
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  8. I use some cheap rip off brand, They work though :) Lol
  9. The funny thing is, there was an add for some headphones.
    But, I do want some beats.

  10. Nice, Mine only cost 9.99 what?! :0 got to love Big Lots
    I do iPhone headphones but they hurt my ears :p
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  12. I use these...
    They have no mic and are intended for music :)
    No real bass though :( But good size for 40mm Drivers
    Skull candy lowrders

    PS I dont have them in this colour scheme
  13. I use Logitech G330s. gonna get a set of turtlebeach p11s because someone broke he audio output on the G330s :(
  14. I just use my beats..
  15. I have black/grey Skullcandy Hesh.
  16. speak1.jpg

    But in all seriousness this is what i use
    Creative 3500 Inspire 5.1
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