Let's talk about Morrowind!

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  1. Morrowind is the 3rd Elder Scrolls game yet has aged very well. I have had it for about a month and am amazed at the humor and oddness in the game compared to other darker games such as Skyrim.
    This thread is about anything involving Morrowind. Mods, quests, help, anything that involves the game goes here.
    I will start with a question, I am on the second thieves guild mission and I can't figure out how to get the key from the guy. How did other players do it?
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  2. I do not own Morrowind, but i do have skyrim!

    You could try pick-pocketing the guy, without letting people see you.
  3. Sadly that won't work because he is in a crowded room.
    And as a comparison to skyrim, the combat is very different.
  4. I cannot like this thread hard enough.
  5. Ah Morrowind this makes me want to redownload all of the elder scrolls games and replay them...
  6. Then you could try this last item...

    Walk into the room, scream at the top of your lungs.


    * Just kill everyone in the room *! Issue solved! :p
  7. are you talking about the key that commona tong guy has? if so its almost impossible to do without killing all of them, also killing all of them completes another quest for darius at fort moonmoth.

    source 1600 hours in morrowind
  8. also after you kill him in the corner club (which you should do by taunting him so you get no bounty) go steal everything in the house, then turn the key in.

    also i can literally walk you through just about any questline cept some of the telvanni stuff cause i never went certain schools route
  9. Morrowind is such a brilliant game... combat, not so much, but the depth and nuance to it is magnificent.
    I've put tons of hours into the last three ES games - Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim - and the one thing I lament about its successors is how they became increasingly dumbed-down, stripping out weapons, factions, and whole schools of magic.

    Plus it taught me most of what I know about game modding, so...
  10. I had a feeling that was the answer. Sally my taunt rarely works but I will keep trying.

    With what you said about the combat, I find it to be very annoying. I end up killing most of the human enemies by exploiting some kind of ai pathing glitch. I love how mines always have spiral staircases. They never can get up them.
  11. Yeah, the combat mechanics in Morrowind are pretty bad (even if you use something like Combat Enhanced). Storytelling is the game's strength. Ancient prophecy, friends and betrayals, the still-beating heart of a dead god, slave trade and drug addiction, an entire faction of crazy wizards... what's not to love?
  12. if you have to do it without taunting, exit out of the bottom staircase level run up the silt strider stairs and along the wall to avoid any guards, if you kill a guard your bounty goes up a ridiculous amount. then enter thieves guild through top floor and bay bounty. i could run you through all the first levels in order by memory alone. also dont join fighters guild untill after you are thief master. the two guilds end up fighting eachother at some point and its easier to fix ad master thief

    the drive of the elder scrolls is the intense lore. they even have patched the in game books cause they contradicted. or explained why they contradicted. ive read every in game book since daggerfall and i love the lore. i let myself be captured by moth priest guards because i wanted to read some of the rare books you can only get in the sanctum and had to start all over with that part of oblivion
  13. Y'know, I totally forgot to answer this but:
    Bribery and/or blackmail will work. The Cammona Tong route is a good way to kill two birds with one stone, but if you're just looking to get the key, you can also persuade / bribe Sovor. At 70 disposition or above, he'll give you the key.
    Of course, Cammona Tong are racist scum, thugs, drug dealers, and general low-lifes, so murdering them all is a public service anyway.

    Even the uncensored version of The Real Barenziah? :oops: Omai.
  14. I have done two of the fighters guild missions but am joining the thieves guild now so I don't have to make a choice later on. I have no attention span when playing game. I will be walking to complete a mission and see a random person just standing there and I have to talk to them and complete a mission. And then I find another and another... After way longer than it should have taken, I finally complete the original mission.
  15. I'm the same way with Oblivion and Morrowind but seeing as how there isn't many missions on the roads of Skyrim...
  16. That is the joy of Elder Scrolls games in general. "Doo doo doo, lookin' for a thing - ooh dark cave! Spelunking time!"
    Plus there was actually a point to swimming in Morrowind! Grottos and hidden cave passages and dreugh! \o/

    God I miss that game. I need to go back.
  17. Ima download either Morrowind or Oblivion off my Steam acc so... :p
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  18. So I used the taunt --> kill technique, although, as I already mentioned, I can't kill anything so I found that that corner of the bed on the bottom floor is inaccessible to the ai and I can just arrow everyone from there. I now consider this a puzzle game with the goal to find places where the ai can't kill you.
  19. Ok so... I downloaded Oblivion but everytime I try to load a previous save it crashes...
  20. ^corrupted file