Lets Talk About Minecraft: Story Mode!

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  1. Now first off if you haven't
    heard about it yet go to this link:

    From what I see they are saying
    Mojang is making there own
    "Story Mode" which will be similiar
    to the Walking Dead Games. I am expecting
    it to also be like a mini-map but in different episodes

    I think its a pretty cool idea.
    What do you think?.

    I'll be updating this thread with more info
    as it gets closer to release. Also I will
    be adding an "episode list" here.
    I am going to also make a
    list of updates/announcements

    Info Release Dates:
    12/18/2014 Mincraft: Story Mode Announced

    Episode List:
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  2. [For any more info I might need]
  3. Possibility of Story Mode servers? Hmm