Let's show the world who we are!

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  1. So I've noticed the popularity to the server has gone a bit down for a while now :/
    I want to show the world who and what EMC is, the best Minecraft multiplayer community! To do this we really have to do some work. I suggest, and hope everyone will vote on Minestatus MCSL! We could work our way to the top next month as the end of May is today! So everyone, VOTE everyday next month! Let's really show how great community we are!
  2. good idea lets just back up the servers even more :/ a lil popularity is good but to much is a bad thing
  3. This is caused by Diablo 3..
  4. I don't think so many minecrafters stop playing minecraft just because of diablo 3, if you've noticed it, we're geting members on the site much slower than we did before.
  5. Error 37 :p
  6. Diablo 3 just came out so people are swarming to it. As with other new games that just came out. People are also playing Minecraft on Xbox as well. I have been playing DC Universe Online with my sister on the PC. It's also summer vacation for most people so they may not be on as much, they're spending time with family and whatnot.
  7. ...What's Diablo 3?
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  8. Been playing TERA :x
  9. I just dont get it how can people like games like diablo 3. I mean what's up with moving and hitting one key to destroy anything around, you don't even see what are you fighting..
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  10. Then The C.O.D fans in november for Black Ops 2
  11. Some people go to MW3 now...
  12. Diablo isn't the same as any other dungeon crawler. It has the Blizzard touch of making everything easy and therefor more people are willing to play it. Complex games( most other dungeon crawlers) never get to that popularity because they aren't as simple. This pretty much works for every genre though. For fps its series like Battlefield and Call of Duty. They are decent games, but simplified for greater appeal and range of players. It is why besides niche and cult following certain genres such as rougelikes for example. Will never reach a true popular status.
    I hope this reply helps clear things up. Most other dungeon crawlers don't have it where you can 1-hit most anything.
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  13. Also double posting because of different topic of post. I'm wondering why your are assuming popularity of the server has been down.
  14. I don't want to live anymore! :D
  15. Who said Diablo 3? :)
  16. Haha :D You play Diablo 3? I'm currently in Inferno Act 3 and its hard... its really hard (Might also be because I don't have 200K dps but only 40K as a wizard but still its hard)
  17. No, I've played 1&2 though, and I have been playing some other dungeon crawlers recently. I've heard enough from friends who got it with their WoW subs to know not to bother with it. Same gameplay and invasive drm that forces online play while still not having all the promised features. Its a title I'm passing on. Two dungeon crawlers I'm looking forward to though are Grim Dawn and Torchlight 2(I've been in some of the betas).
  18. Hahaha Diablo 3 is F.U.N!! So is amnesia! I like how amnesia scare me.
  19. Funny, coming from someone playing MC. D3 broke 1 day PC sales records. The Diablo series is the most popular dungeon crawler series in history. Blizzard has a very special talent for creating games that are extraordinarily creative in story, beauty, entertainment, and game play. There are no other game makers out there who are better at making games that are simultaneously simple enough for the masses while still offering great challenges for the true gamers. Blizzard games come equipped with amazing stories (read any of the wow book series) and cinematics that are above and beyond. To top it off, there is no game company out there with a better sense of humor than Blizzard.