Lets see your ride!

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  1. So for those of us who have vehicles, show some pictures of it
    And add a little description of it too!
    Like mine...

    2006 Nissan Xterra Off-Road Edition
    96k miles on it
    4.0 V6 6-Speed Standard Transmission
    285 horsepower, 265ft/inch of torque
    Weighs 5400 lbs and I can still burn rubber

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  2. My back up ride if my car is out of gas
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  3. I am Commander Sheaperd, and this is my favorite thread on the CItadel.
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  4. I am my own ride....
    Here are some pictures, I even change my paint and wheels....
    cute_pig01.jpg Had to stop and smell them flowers!

    001.JPG I was in a bad mood that day, some people were honking at me for stoppping and rolling in the mud.

    Minecraftpig.png I went all animated one time....

    tumblr_m2djz7t9Hu1qi7392o1_1280.png Car crash!

    imagesCALQRIEQ.jpg Too much gas!
  5. here's me with Shadowfax

  6. Well, this derailed faster than anything I've ever seen, lmao.
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  7. haha here you go ICC
    stay on topic.JPG
    My Ride :)
  8. I don't have a picture of it, but me and Hyratel (roommate and basically family no relation) have a 1991 Ford Probe, with the 3.0 litre V6.
    It's not that big or that new, but we keep it in good running order and it goes like stink! Nothing like good ol' american cubic inches. For those that don't know it, the probe is a tiny *almost* 2 seater car which had the option of a huge for the car size engine.

    Ours is tan colored. Same year as pictured below for those visual people like me that need to see an image and text alone won't do.

  9. buggati.jpg

    My dream ride. Getting all teh moneh and dem peoplz!
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  10. Maybe your lying, and getting yourself twisted into more lies . . . I totally pwned you and your puny owners list that you "threw out". :cool:
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  11. Not an actual picture of my car, but it is the same look. I'm to lazy to go get my camera and take a picture of mine. (so I took one of google that looked as close to mine as possible).
    -68 mustang gt fastback
    -Black exterior, chrome accents
    -Red leather interior
    -120,000 Miles on it
    -Likes to chug the wonderful gas I put into it
    but it's my baby. :) (Named it lynda)
  12. ... my father has that car. except red. lol. also, where is this may i ask, it looks familiar. lol
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  13. http://wikicars.org/en/Bugatti_Veyron#Owners

    I don't know, as I said we don't have a picture of ours, so I got one of the same model and model year.
  14. car.jpg

    My real car . . . Or kinda looks like it
  15. Family car... The CCR is a former brief record holder for the fastest car in the world:

    This isn't mine, it is just an advertisement for it, it IS street legal in only 5 US states, Kansas, Montana, Florida, Colorado, and Nebraska

  16. Im kidding I dont even have a bike, but I want one :)
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