[Let's Play] Vanilla SMP with erose, Maxarias, & friends

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Maxarias and I decided to start a new SMP series in vanilla 1.6.2 and check out all the new things. We'd like to share our adventures with you.

    This series may contain mature language.

    Here's episode 1!

  2. it's ready now!
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  3. Maxarias: Im not sharing my bed with you
    Erosego: What! Why? That's not what you said last night

    I almost pissed myself :p
  4. Haha, yeah we say some silly stuff :p
  5. Thanks for the shoutout at 32:15! ;)

    Max sounds similar to Ellen.
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  6. Mature language implies discussion of the Arab Spring and its effect on the Western world, or some current affair stuff like that. Perhaps 'strong language' would convey the point better?
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  7. Enjoy!

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  8. Ellen who? lol
  9. Ellen Degeneres!
  10. Oh haha nice. Do I sound like anyone?
  11. You sound like a girl. :p
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  12. Gotta watch this later :p but I can guess I'll like it and get hooked :p
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