[Lets Play] Tekkit with Demon!

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  1. Hello Empire People! Get ready for an awesome series! Tekkit!
    Tekkit is a really big and cool Modpack that is filled with wonderful things. Like from weird looking Hammers, to awesome Creatures!
    I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I do!
    Now lets move along. Also, you can check out my channel Here.

    Lets play Tekkit with Demon: Episode 1 - Raw Rubber
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  2. This is just my 2 cents, but why not just make one dedicated series you continuously upload instead of spreading out over a few series? Just a suggestion.
  3. Hey awesome series demon going to enjoy it
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  4. I am going to do that with Tekkit. Not going to be another one of the other for a while. Its Tekkit time :)
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  5. YAY! im going to do some vids on minecraft soon but i need a recording software and mic! i have 3 vids up though ill post my fav!
  6. sry doesnt have corr extention:(
  7. great! I would love to see more.
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  8. Nice... keep the awesome vids coming
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  9. cool :D make more soon :)
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  10. Keep up the good work Demon! I love the videos you have been making. I also have tekkit and it is awesome. Can't wait for more vids!
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  11. Epic videos I will the watching.
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  12. The second video has 3 seconds left and then Bam. Laptop died :mad:
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  13. Died? O_O
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  14. Play tekkit classic. It's better. ;(
  15. Guess what. I keep trying to upload the second video and it goes fine till it says it's done. Then my laptop freezes and crashes. Might just have to record another episode explaining. But it might look like I used hacks to get all my stuff. *I found cool stuff in a ravine*
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  16. If you have another computer, you can just transfer the video there and try to upload it from that computer. ;)
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  17. Sadly I only have one :(. I will try again tomorrow though ;)
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  18. Good luck!
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  19. Lets Play Tekkit with Demon: Episode 2 - War Hammer
    (I recorded again saying what happened in the other episode that wouldnt upload for some reason)
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