Let's Play Herobrine's Return

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  1. I'll try to keep this more updated than the last thread, haha. This map is a TON more fun so far than the Link of Faith one, only for the fact that there are battles. :p

  2. First and WOW great video! Now... Weres the next one?? :)

    Edit: watched some of video looks good so far :)

    Second edit: OMG YOUR COD VIDEO so dang funny!!!! " ah these motha****** Black people being Females are knifing" HAHAHAHAHHAHA
  3. Love the new into/outro, great vid, and I love it when you guys quote bevis and butthead lol.
  4. Thanks. I think I do that naturally honestly. Beavis and Butthead are implanted into my DNA.
  5. haha, yah bevis and butthead was such a good show lol

    The Great Cornholio was such a good episode.
  6. IceCream! Do more Call of Duty!! You only have 2!! I watched both and the both rock!! Your awesome :)
  7. Right here. :)

  8. Added a new COD one yesterday. I'll try and do a couple of those a week if/when I can, but won't post them here as they have some very very bad things said in them, haha.
  9. You mean... Cow doesn't follow EMC rules in life!? :eek: Unthinkable! /sarcasm
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  10. For the most part I do...these videos involve the reactions of OTHER people with things we're doing TO them...and those are the ones that are off base. :p
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  11. OK second one was good.... Third Please now???
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  12. Good video yet again. You guys should try FTB or skyblock next :p