[LETS PLAY] FDNY21 plays EmpireMinecraft (TEST)

Discussion in 'Share Your Let's Plays and Other Videos!' started by FDNY21, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. So guys, I decided to put my new recorder to the test and make a video. It is a bit laggy, but put it up to 1080p HD when watching the video and I think it goes okay :p
    This is just a test, but tell me what you think. I need your views on how the video went and if I should do more. You may also tell me what kind of videos you want to see, and so on. Basically just tell me whatever you think about it, so enjoy this teaser of what may be to come :)

    FDNY21 plays EmpireMinecraft: Failing at PvP!


    Be sure to like, subscribe, and give me all your thoughts below! Thanks! :D
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  2. Bump :) Should I do more videos? What on? Tell me your thoughts! ^3^
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  3. New mic! Lol
  4. I don't think it sounds too bad to be honest :p You can make out all I can say... and if you cannot, it is probably because I am wearing my retainer for my teeth.
  5. Just lag. Everything else is great :3
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  6. I would expect it with the recorder I use :p Just make sure you turn it up to 1080p (HD) and it usually works pretty well.. Still lags a bit but you can make it out well enough :) Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Ah. Okay :) No problem.
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  8. Definitely make more vids. Especially of you failing at PvP using "Hacks" :p
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  9. wow that SammyS_ guy is really good! ;)
    but try fixing yo lag dawg
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  10. I will see what happens about that ;)
    Yeah, he just kept killing me :eek:
    Any idea on how to do that? Might have to get screenflow to see if that is an better.. wonder if I can get it for free... :p
  11. Umm, that mouse clicking tho. I like watching people failing, makes me feel better about myself haha :D
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  12. I could make it so that you could not hear the mouse, but then you would not hear my voice :p
  13. You can use audacity or something so you cant hear background noise and only your voice. Screenflow is for mac :p but im sure you can borrow a different one offline
  14. Darn macs, huh.. not sure what I will do :eek:
  15. Why not try obs? Its a free open source streaming and recording software. Its got a lot of options for changing the quality of the recording to best suit your computer.
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  16. Thanks, tried it out, but I don't think it likes me :p
  17. I'd recommend lowering the resolution to 720p to reduce lag. And if possible, try to get rid of the red window bar at the top. The voice quality is pretty nice, but like samsimx mentioned, it'd help to reduce the static. Good luck!
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  18. You have a mac? Well I have and I got really fed up with all the mac stuff but I didn't want to sell the mac for it's really good so you could do what I did :) I took mine to my uncle who works with computers but you could just take yours to the closest computer shop etc but anyways he installed Windows 7 on it so now it's just like a windows computer but then if I ever need mac I hold some keys and it reboots up in mac :) Hope this could help you :) It will be a lot cheaper than buying a new PC or something like that. :)
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