Lets Play 607's Floating Islands

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  1. First episode :D. I failed big time and also had a massive brainfart on a mob name >.>;;;;

    PortalShoo2er, Sonicol1 and I play 607's floating Islands Map!

    Sorry if it seems jumpy. There were parts I had to cut out because they
    either were me, afking/my husband making noise or boring bridge

    I'm unsure where to download the map, as 607 contacted me himself on and gave me the download. This map is similar to Skyblock but has many islands. Most of the
    language is also Dutch because that's 607's native language :)

    Texture Pack: Ozocraft 1.6
    Music: Cipher2 by Kevin MacLeod
  2. Wow, awesome! I thought it would never come:p Edit 1: In addition to 6:58, when you go down to bedrock, just kill yourself, and don't build under the starting island height, aka y = 23 Edit of edit 1:)P)Going down with water to pick up items, I should not do that. When you fail and die, just search for another island.Edit 2: when you think it's more fun, feel free to play on easy/normal/hard, but I'm afraid you will starve by too less food when you do that. Edit 3: Oh, and when you want lava, it's not too hard to get. I know on top of my head 4 islands to get it, of which you can already see 3 islands from the spawn island.
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  3. xD Alright, we weren't sure and we thought we might be doing it wrong. Sonic was like "No floor!?!?!?!" and I was like "Uh...he didn't say."
  4. If only my internet was fast enough to watch. :(
  5. Also, when you found a book, just tell me where you found it and what the title is, and I'll try to tell you where it's about in English. Also, later islands may not contain chests, but most of them do, so when you don't right see a chest on the surface, it's smart to search for it, cause hidden chests can contain many good things.
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