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  1. I want to be known for something on the EMC. I want to be the fun guy who everyone likes. I am going to get to the top through the forums. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to post random crud below. We are attempting to make the longest post in EMC forum history.
  2. It can be considered as spam...
  3. This is not allowed as it is considered spam.
  4. Well, if we go down in flames, we will go down in style.
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  5. Well, okay then :(
  6. Feel free to invite people to a convo, though. Jcplugs and Alex made one to be 100 pages!
  7. Wow this went down fast from "longest thread" to this is spam...
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  9. Lulz, sorry Olaf!
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  10. Cue "thread probably about to be closed" music