Let's go Sea Hawks, Let's go!

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    Who are you rooting for?
    Please don't tell final score so people don't see it if they haven't watched the game!!!!
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  3. Seahawks, Russell Wilson is just way cooler :p
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  4. Liked the halftime show
  6. Yeah worst play call ever...
  7. Nooooo why u throw?!
  8. Probably getting paid off, I would throw an interception for a million dollars hehe
  9. Where's the dislike button :confused:
    Just kidding...but seriously, terrible call
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  10. Entertaining game!
  11. Why would he throw the ball when they have the Marshawn "The Beast" Lynch on their roster?

    Bad call.

    Anyway, I wanted the Patriots to win so I celebrated
  12. Both are jerk teams so I was hoping they would get boo'd out.
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  13. What do you mean?
  14. They think they are the kings of football. Patriots always have thought like this, Seahawks have been getting worse.
  15. Brady's 4th Super Bowl ring...#makeitstop
  16. See, I don't like the Patriots, I think they're full of hot air. Someone just really needs to deflate their ego.
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  17. I am over-laughing at this.
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