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  1. Hey there, I'm thistle_bristled, a 34 year old out-of-work analyst, who just opened a horse shop on SMP7 (/v thistle_bristled) . I've been playing Minecraft only for about 6 months, and here for about three weeks. My ultimate goals right now are: to have enough rupees to afford diamond vouchers, and to breed a 139% speed non-white horse. If anyone out there is a horse guru, stop over to /v thistle_bristled , and give me advice. :D
  2. Well, welcome to the empire! :)
    Are you having a good time here?
  3. So far, so good! A lot of the horse breeding community has given advice, and a few have even donated breedstock.
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  4. Welcome! Even though you're 3 weeks old, I like intro threads
  5. Welcome to EMC! Sounds like you have some good goals for the server. Hopefully, one of your personal goals is to be an in-work analyst though. Good luck on the job hunt, if you are in fact hunting for another job. ;)
  6. Hi thistle. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  7. Welcome to emc, Thistle! I could use some horses, because my other one suffocated on my res. Ikr? I spawned in and the horse disappeared. :)