Let's do some rebuilding

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  1. Hey guys it's me again :p

    Okay.. so a while back i refurbished the smp3 wild (if you want to check what i'm doing go to smp3 wild.. the main outpost and run south until you reach the edge of the protected zone) sadly.. it got wrecked.. like holy jeez, i didnt know you could wreck something so much.. anyway yeah, this is just a short, sweet post about what i'm doing :p I'd be happy if anyone would like to help? or drop off some stone haha.
    Thanks for reading this and i hope you'll take a look in your spare time!

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  2. 2015-02-01_15.27.59.png Just the start of what could be an amazing place to hang out and build farms ;P
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  3. 2015-02-01_18.00.22.png Just some more digging :p you'll notice i put a fence around the drop into the pool of water, i noticed some people overshooting the jump so i put that there to stop them hitting the ground instead of the pool :) If anyone has any suggestions for it.. Just let me know! :D
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  4. Why not try some map pictures? If it looks nice and you stick to inexpensive materials most people are going to tend to leave it alone plus you get something to hang on your wall afterwards.
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  5. But i don't want to do anything out of wool or wood because if an angry little **** comes alone and sets it on fire, i'll have to spend the whole day crying :'( Then i won't even have time to rebuild it
  6. They disabled fire from spreading long ago.
    For griefing reasons.
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  7. Well... This got awkward pretty fast..
  8. Well, I do support what your doing. I used to be someone who spent 24/7 in the frontier, and whenever I did go back to town.
    It was ghastly outside of the frontier spawn.
    From personal experience, there was a dirt bridge, a huge cavern in which you had to do parkour to get through, and a small dirt housing estate.