Lets Do It! Voting Contest

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  1. What is this?
    This is a contest where we get EMC to Number 1 on Minestatus

    This will get us to a high position and more people will join, stopping the annoying members leaving threads

    What do I get?
    I will do a 5k giveaway and if anyone else donates this will be added on or more giveaways. And if you saw in IcecreamCow's Shine Bright Like A Diamond, EMC Will give double XP and more people may join which will also give us the 1 week of flying :) Oh and when you vote you also get rupees

    All you have to do is vote, no screenshot, video or anything like that until we get to number 1! (Or above 15)


    Current Minestatus position:

    5k donated by me

    To Donate:
    Just either pay me or give me something in game. If you pay me any money, please PM me saying how much.

    Anything Else?
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  4. I always vote everyday when I can. :)
  5. I will donate 1000r since im getting a lot more income lately :D
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  6. 52nd still?!
  7. How can we see how many members do we have weekly?
  8. I dont know, but Aikar knows (I think)