Let's discuss workouts/diets.

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  1. Hey guys! I have been working out for as long as I can remember. I have my own routine, But lets discuss! This is an open discussion for workout out and dieting.

    My workout is mainly sectioning off muscle groups. I work one muscle group one day and a different the next. I always drink a protein shake before, Or after my workouts. I get an hour or so of cardio a day.

    What do you guys do?
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  2. Workouts? Pssh. I'd rather be fat and happy ;)

    In all seriousness: I've been trying to start a routine thingy for over a year, but I can't stick to it. I'll do something like: 30 pushups, 30 crunches, 30 pull ups (although I can't do these anymore because the thing I did them on was sold during my move, lel), and 30 squats - and then I'll walk my dog for an hour the next day, take day off or walk my dog again, and then repeat that throughout the week.

    As I said: I don't stick to it. Its too difficult to keep up with, the weather often does not permit dog walking (you try walking in torrential rain and hail, like I have to do most days, and wanting to go back out minutes later >.>), and I'm skinny and weak as hell and can barely move after the first 10 pushups :p
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  3. Well, I take dance lessons and it requires a workout. I don't work out on my own though...
  4. My diet is currently dorm food. My workout is walking to classes and pounding my head against the wall.
  5. I don't diet. I just don't eat much. I don't really see the need for it.

    It's quite easy to gain muscle for me. I weigh very little and therefore don't really have much to lift if I'm doing pull-ups, or push-ups. I don't have a tendency to work out, or a routine. I do play a lot of sports though, such as basketball (I may not be tall, but can I ever jump for the stars!) and soccer.
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  6. Sweet! By diet, I mean what do you eat to beef up/get stronger? Not lose weight.
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  7. Oh, bahaha. Usually just big meals, a protein shake or two then a workout. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Nothing. :p I just stick to the good ol' food pyramid.

    I tend to do different muscle groups at a time as well (arms one day, legs the next, core another, mixed in with a tiny amount of the other categories each time) but the last couple months I've been slacking on my routine. This summer I'm going all out in order to get back into it. I'm still keeping up the martial arts stuff as well, just in case I get mugged. :rolleyes: But really, it does provide quite a work-out.
  9. :confused:

    OMG this gif... too good.
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  10. One word of advice for getting mugged, IPhone taser. Look em up
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  11. I was (mostly) kidding about the mugging, as I mainly just like the physical/emotional health benefits, but you have piqued my interest. *Heads to Google*
  12. Workouts? Diets? Who needs those when we have ice cream?

  13. *flies away*
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  14. I am mainly a competitive runner, and my body type fits that. I usually just run long distances for my workout, along with some interval workouts thrown in the mix.. Even when I do weight-lifting, since I want to stay light, and not gain a lot of muscle mass, I choose low weight, high rep.

    My diet, on the other hand . . .
  15. I used to do sit ups a lot. Then I stopped doing sit ups and did press ups a lot. Then I stopped doing press ups a lot and started to do sit ups again. I quickly stopped that and started doing little runs instead. They kind of got boring so I did runs whilst watching videos. Then I decided it is more fun to sit in my chair and watch videos. So that is what I do now. I sit in my chair, watch videos and don't diet whatsoever xD

    I'll probably have to start something up again one day but at the minute things have been really busy, so lazing around and relaxing is what I feel like doing mostly as of now...
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  16. I have a normal, healthy diet. I go swimming training 5 times a week as my 'work out'.
  17. Associated to the whole workout thing, what do people think about motivation? I find myself not very motivated to workout or anything because I don't enjoy it, I'm sure there's many others the same but I don't know what to do about motivation and all, I have none of it :L
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  18. I personally hate doing cardio in a gym. It feels fake and unrealistic. I am lucky enough to live in Colorado, and have access to many trails. I recommend biking as an exercise. I do not bike daily because I am saving up for a lighter bike, but I do bike very long distances when I do.

    For the rest of the time, I work out on average 5 days a week. I do part cardio and part weights, and the types of cardio and weights I do vary. For cardio, I alternate between a rower and a virtual spin bike (has a screen with a simulated trail), but I only do 30 minutes of cardio, but I do it as hard as possible. When it is not hot or when it is raining, I will jog outside on a trail. For weights, I have only recently been focusing on arm and back strength. I have extremely strong legs, lower back, and abs, but my arms are weak and my upper back strength is only decent. I do some free weights, occasionally a machine, and some excercises that use body weight (push ups, pull ups, etc.).

    As for diet, I believe the paleo diet is healthy, but not as a full diet. Make sure to always get in full nutrition, but do not stress about natural fats and sugars too much. Chemicals are not always bad, but are still good to try to avoid, but do not hate yourself for having something with a preservative once in a while. However, always avoid saturared fat and high fructose corn syrup! Those are the enemies of a healthy body.
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