Let Me Reintroduce Myself

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  1. Hey all, I am posting this because with all the new players joining I would like to say hello to all, as well as giving a clean introduction.

    So to start, I have been here for over two years, I started playing on SMP5 and stuck there for two years. I got Diamond supporter somewhere in there. I met many great people on the way,(you know who you are) some of which have left the Empire. I now am on SMP7 and restarted, You may remember me giving away all my possessions. I want to become more active than I am in the community, I do love the community here, that's why I'm sticking around so long.

    My name is Eli I'm 15 and love to bike, hang out with friends and of course play minecraft. Outdoors, music and just exploring the city are also my favorite. If you see me in game or on mumble you can call me Eli, not goreman. I'm always happy to help anyone.

    Thanks for reading :D
    Also a AMA thread I guess :p
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  2. When I say 2 years I mean on my first account
  3. Welcome back. I usually play on SMP2 but I remember seeing you on SMP3 a couple of times.

    Have a great restart, Eli.
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  4. Hey! I remember when you gave everything away to start fresh!
    Glad you are on smp7 with us!

    How did you come up with your username?
    Why smp7? (you fit in, we know!)
    Your best build here on EMC!

    ~See ya around!