Let /ch show the active chat channel

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  1. Hi gang!

    I had a wonderful evening, it's Friday evening and one where I wasn't exhausted from work which means.. a relaxed evening of EMC and yah.. enjoying the weekend.

    (disclaimer: stuff written up from mind, which isn't too clear at the moment)

    So this evening I told a (sort off) stranger that I'd repair his gold armor ("lol, I don't have gold armor, wc shell?"), I accidentally told someone else that I could fix his problem of not knowing what to build (while my "I can fix that!" in town chat was meant for a player who didn't have enough sandstone), I also think (not even sure anymore, lol) that I told another random stranger (poor new player) that I'd keep their shineys if they would dare to eggify my house (but I did explain my mistake!) and yah...

    I blame someone else for all this obviously ;)

    Nah, it is fun, it can be a little awkward but in the state I am right now I might even downvote my own suggestion because in all honesty: as awkward as some moments were, they were a heck of fun ;)

    What my suggestion is?

    Get /chat (the command without arguments) to tell our active chat channel instead of showing the help page. We can get that help by using: /help chat anyway.

    Small explanation:

    If you do /chat r (shortcut: /ch r) or /ch s ("Shell Chat" (sorry!)) or any of those commands you're basically selecting a new default chat channel. Meaning so much as: everything you type goes into that channel. This is why I usually do /ch r the very moment some of my friends show up so that the damage will be at least somewhat containable ;)

    But the trick here is sometimes knowing what that active chat channel actually is.

    And yes: I'm well aware: when in doubt you can always use /ch r before chatting. So instead of checking which chat channel you're in you'd simply set it before chatting.

    Even so... I can't help think that this could be useful for some weird kind of people like myself ;)
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  2. I don't see why not. +1

    However, /c who already shows the active channel (with people who can hear, of course), and simply doing @(channel) (message) will send a one-time message to that channel, something I use quite often. That *might* be a small workaround, but I dunno... ;)
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