Less Punishment For Spamming

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Is this punishment fairer?

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Yes 3 vote(s) 14.3%
No 15 vote(s) 71.4%
Cheese Bagels rule 8 vote(s) 38.1%
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  1. I once got PERMANENTLY banned for spamming and my suggestion is to give less of a punishment for spamming as there are worse to things break the rules with. I would recommend a kick then a 1 day ban then a 3 day ban and after that a permanent ban!
  2. Dude, no. If you don't like the fact that you broke a clearly stated rule, take it up with the mod who banned you. And if it was the system, still take it up with a mod.
  3. No this was ages ago and i got unbanned years ago i'm just suggesting less of a punishment!
  4. The penalty has probably changed anyway since it was so long ago. Maybe it is less harsh now. Try it and see :)
  5. i'm not spamming just too test ur theory (unless u mean just ask a moderator/admin)
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  6. No I think spamming penalties on the forum are fine, as spamming is one of my pet hates :p
  7. If it was SYSTEM you were banned by, these were reduced to 5 day bans (strangely, the message in chat still says permanent, but it is 5 days).
  8. Chicken...
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  9. This was a case of system going bonkers, not a real ban, folks...

    Also, it happened, like, 4 months ago -_-
  10. While I recognise this situation was caused by some kind of glitch in the game, I would like to say something about this.

    I get well fed up with ppl spamming the chat just because they think its fun.

    There are several kinds of spam, one is constantly repeating the same thing over and over again, a few times can be acceptably but there is a limit.

    Another type is something like this lalalalalalalalalala and yes that is spam as it says nothing really but irritates other players especially when its not even part of a conversation, some ppl want to say something and just string out a bunch of junk just to say something.

    Then there is the most irritating one of all the number or letter cruncher that is like a chipmunk on steroids although the chipmunk would be funny have a bunch of letters/number flicking around on the screen is enough to give someone an epileptic fit.

    Although these things are rare, when ppl use any of them it show's little regard or consideration for their fellow players.

    Please consider all in the game and don't be a pain in the chat
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  11. Well some people could trick you into tempa banning yourself with system. I tricked this person who was insulting people with inappropriate words and caps and spam into banning himself but I don't think I did harm to our society :p

    Lol the one vote for yes was you :3
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  12. It's a shame that people have to trick people into setting it off, instead of SYSTEM being good enough to detect more types of spam that isn't 5 messages in 5 seconds (or whatever it is)...
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  13. Well I guess when you get kicked for spamming before a tempa ban it would be nice to get a warning saying there will be a 5 day ban if you spam again(or when you log in after getting kicked)
  14. Why give spammers/rule breakers the benefit of that?
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  15. I say that rule breakers should be punished and if they "didn't know" that they would be banned for that long then it's their fault because there is a guide for a reason.
  16. It's against the rules, and it really depends on what your spamming.
    Spam is still spam though.

    That's why I voted No and Yes at once.
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  17. No wonder i got unbanned so quick.
    So what is the real punishment?
  18. Good not that i will be spamming anytime!
  19. With SYSTEM it's set at a kick for once and a 5 day ban for twice, that's if you enter a new message multiple times within however many seconds

    When a moderator is dealing with it, it's completely up to their discretion - same with most other incidents actually, aside for normal griefing and illegal mods which will get you a perm-ban - but it tends to be a 2-4 part system, kick, short temp-ban, long temp-ban and then perm-ban.
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  20. Did that yesterday and I got perm banned. Cya Empire! jk
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