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  1. I just bought a ton of nether wart and am putting it to good use. I will try to respond as soon as possible to orders and finish them as fast as I can.
    Positive Effects
    Instant Health Potions: SC - 50r DC - 95r 2 DC - 190r
    Strength Potions: SC - 50r DC - 95r 2 DC - 190r
    Swiftness Potions: SC 50r DC - 95r 2 DC - 190r
    Fire Resistance Potions: SC - 175r DC - 345r 2 DC - 685r
    Night Vision Potions: SC - 290r DC - 565r 2 DC - 1100r
    Regeneration Potions: SC - 395r DC - 750r 2 DC - 1350r
    Negative Effects
    Will add later
    Gunpowder: SC - +60r DC - +110r 2 DC - 200r
    Glowstone: SC - +35r DC- +65r 2 DC -120r
    Redstone: SC - +3r DC - +5r 2 DC - +10r

    Order Form
    Items: (Potion type then if splash, extended and/or potency increase)
    Deadline? (Y/N) If yes, when?
    Delivery? (Y/N) If yes, where?
    (Preferably put price here
    I will update prices whenever a popular, large shop with an active owner with lower prices is told about to me. Pick up will be at: 16799, smp8. Along the left wall from the entrance. Delivery fee is 30r. 20r for vaulting and 10r for my labor to actually leave my residence.
    If for some reason, you are unable to spend enough for the desired potions but still want/need them, start a private conversation with me and we can discuss a deal.
    (All active purchases before midnight, July 2nd-3rd (since I have no clue which day it would be) may opt for this if wanted, since none have been completed.)
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  2. 4 DC's of fire resistance extended deliver to my res on smp6:)
  3. Will get to work in the morning definitely. Since it's 4 DC, it would be 2 2 DC prices. That would be (685+120)*2. The total owed will be 1610r. And make sure you set up access chests for me.
    Edit: Durr... forgot delivery fee... Will actually be 1640r.
  4. Items: 2 DC's of Instant Health, Regeneration, and Fire Resistance/ Also please add Gunpowder, Glowstone, and Redstone.
    Deadline? No take your time :)
    Delivery? Yes, Please deliver this to -smp9 18559- into the chests in front of the spawn. Thank you :)
    Total Amount of Rupees
  5. should i pay now?
  6. I can get instant health and fire resistance no problem but I may take a while on regeneration so please be patient.
    Edit: Instant health can only be glowstone and fire resistance redstone but regeneration can be both. Can you clarify which one? Or both but I don't think that's possible...
    Edit #2: If I understand from what I jsut though of, you want it Instant Health Splash, Regeneration Increased Potency and Fire Resistance Extended? And I believe price is 2585r. The +20+30+10 my guess is what you think delivery is but it's 30r for it.
  7. If you want to you can. I'll make a note to myself to make sure it is delivered. If it isn't by the end of tomorrow, (and that means after about 10 PM EST for me) then feel free to post reminding me.
  8. A DC of all positive effects, please. With all of the extras. Please deliver to 11361 on smp5. I'll clean up this post tomorrow and add the price.
  9. Ok. Won't start until tomorrow anyway so...
    Also, am so glad I won that DC of nether wart auction...
    And I believe base price will be 1945r so plan on it being a few hundred more with the added stuff.
  10. Uh, just add all the effects you can, for regenerate you could add gunpowder/glow stone dust
    for healing you could add gunpowder/glow stone dust as well... just subtract from the total 20- for that Redstone,sorry
    New total: 2595r
  11. So 2 DC Regeneration Splash Pot. Increase, 2 DC Instant Heal Splash, Pot. Increase and I assume 2 DC Fire Resistance Extended? That would be pointless splashed (unless with a party) and cannot have a Pot. Increase.
  12. Before I order, how much would a DC of 8 min fire pot be?
  13. I love how I thought this was a terrible idea after a while of no posts and now I'm overwhelmed... Universe, you work in wondrous ways... :p
  14. Wish I could say that with my horse stables.......
  15. Maybe if you could get places on all servers and breed horses for fastest run and highest jumps, people would gladly do so. Try smp8. Seffychan would love you for all eternity. :p
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  16. Items: 1 Single chest of fire resistance with redstone added to increase time
    Deadline? no
    Delivery? no
  17. So let's see... What I have to make starting tomorrow morning... an order for 4 DC Extended Fire Resistance, an order for 2 DC Instant Health Splash, Powerful 2 DC Regeneration, Splash, Powerful and I assume 2 DC Fire Resistance Extended, an order for DC Instant Heal, DC Fire Resistance, DC Regeneration, DC Night Vision, DC Swiftness, DC Strength, added items to be determined, and a SC of Fire Resistance Extended. So that means 891 potions total if I did that right... 297 nether wart for awkward potions for those and that means slightly over 4 1/2 stacks for nether warts. I have a lot to do. Aaand also to avoid spamming the thread with my nonsense ( :p )...
    Update: Because my shop needs wool I added that we can negotiate in a private conversation if you really need/want the potions but can't spend enough to get them.
  18. Missed you saying this. 345 for base potions then 5 for extended. 350r for a DC of that.
  19. 4DC of fire resistance potions 8 Minutes
    Plus delivery to 5430 at Utopia, left of spawn.
    The pricing, im not sure on, as it is extended. I will pay you when we see each other. Start a PM with me in game or on Forums, and we can discuss when I should pay, delivery etc