Lego cuuso anyone?

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  1. I am sure you all know what Legos are. Wether it be childhood memories, something to build with when there is nothing else to do, or just how deeply you despise of them, you all have heard of Legos. Some of you may enjoy them. For those of you that do, this is a Lego project. And a giveaway. :D

    Lego cuuso is for members to build marvelous creations out of these little bricks, and then you can have it be sold as a product, if you can get 10,000 supporters that is. My friend has spent a considerable amount of time working on this project building and doing research. That is where you come in, EMC. Whoever supports us on Lego cuuso, I will enter you in a drawing for a beacon. Thx!

    Link to the project: click this.

    ~boozle628 and Quequay.

    EDIT: If you enter, please say so in the comments IN THIS FORUM, NOT ON LEGO CUUSO. Please state your cuuso username. :)
  2. Why is everything crossed out? :confused:

    EDIT: You fixed it XD

    EDIT2: I'll check this out, looks pretty cool :)
  3. supported, username= _MVP_

    BTW i used to be a lego lunatic! i loved it.
  4. You now have a 6th supporter. I think I may make something to enter there.
  5. Bump. Only got 2 supporters from this? :(
  6. I can't seem to figure out how to upload my own idea to this website.
  7. It is complicated. Ill ask my friend. He knows.
  8. I like it;) Supported
  9. *Cuusoo
    Of course I know what LEGOs are, look at my profile pic :D
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  10. I made a few things, and I'll add more later. Here they are:
    Police Car
  11. I use LEGO Designer to make sets, then I buy them. It's expensive, but it's simply amazing. You can build it with any piece and then get it.
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  12. I build on Lego Digital Designer and buy all the bits from pickabrick, then use the LDD instructions to make the model, I specialize in making lego fire trucks but Ive made a few ambulances, buildings etc and yeah its expensive but for what its worth my ideas came out really well and I am proud of them :) ~FDNY21
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  13. Pick a brick is so cool:)
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  14. Yeah, bricklinks and brickarms are good, I bought some custom weapons and they are so cool: a LEGO AK47 and 2 grenades
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  15. I once bought a payload from brickarms:p
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