Legit's pro tips for newbies!

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  1. 1. Some mega malls mark up their prices. This is because they might have someone supplying them, so the prices are marked up so they can make a profit after the payment to the supplier. Not all mega malls do this though.

    2. Just because its not mentioned in the guide, doesn't mean its allowed. If it seems its a bad idea, don't risk it.

    3. Asking to be a mod will just kill you're chances.

    4. The mods can detect X-ray texture packs, not just mods, so don't try it.

    5. Don't post a ban appeal on the forums. Send the mod who banned you a PM, or any mod on the site.

    6. Read the guide

    More tips to come.
  2. 1. What do you mean with that?
    4. I didn't knew that o:
  3. It means they charge more than what its worth.
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  4. Number 3 is veeeeeeeeerrrrry important.
    Also, add in the following:
    'Don't beg.'
    'Don't force your views on others, religious or otherwise.'
    'When you claim an area of land in the wild to be under your ownership, you do not necessarily own it unless you've built on it, especially when the constructions of others are nearby.' (an important detail in the Gangnam conflict at LLO and the SMP5 Lava Wall project I attempted)
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  5. 3 needs to be in bold because i have seen people ask "KAN I B MOD PLZZZ!!!1111"
  6. I've seen people lie and say they are from planet minecraft asking to be mod... It gets old
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  7. Don't forget "When conducting an auction/event on your res please used /ch l or /ch r so that you're not spamming Town chat."
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  8. Oh yes, one of my Minecraft hates, that one.
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  9. Remember "There are hardly any resources directly outside of spawn, you need to go further out for a good haul."
  10. "Be awesome"
  11. or "me frm utube channle plz mekw me mood plzzxz soo i csn make a god vido"
  12. I would add "actually read the Guide". Because while I understand the purpose of these tips, I think that the ones who should take them into account are those who won't, those who don't read the guide and when they start asking "how do i get a home" and are told "read the guide", get upset and leave or start causing trouble. If only no one ever told them "how to" and insisted in them reading the guide or didn't give them stuff and rupees disregarding their "noob" (not newbie) behaviour, we would have half the problems with griefers, beggars and not so nice players in general than we have.