Legit's kind of rant

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  1. Well today, I have confirmed that my school is as much as a giant pile of crap that I thought it is. Everyone is the same, and anyone who is different is shot down, as they don't fit the dumb standards that are create by society, at least society at this level. I am thinking of transferring classes, I would move schools, but that year is almost over. I would go into detail about this, but it would need lots of swears to express it. I just needed to say this, that's all.
  2. That is why i moved to a private Christian school before i hit middle school. Sure, there is still inmaturity, but it's a HECK of-a-lot better than public
  3. Feel free to say it, just censor the swearing when you finish.
  4. I will put this simply. My school could explode with everyone in it, save 3 people, and I wouldn't care.
  5. Maybe they're jealous and want to be you because you're so different from them, and they know they can't, so they try to make you like them.

    Or maybe they're a bunch of jerks, to put it as nicely as possible.
  6. Who cares if you're shot down for being different? Shove your culture shock down the throats of these unenlightened slugs, you'll be more annoyed if you don't.
  7. Ho, ho ho no! That is NEVER the way to solve anything.
    Even though they might be complete jerks, you still must try to be respectful. Love your enemies
  8. I do, but something you got to let it out, which I did today.
  9. I never said anything about not being respectful, I just said Legit should take back his right to express himself and not be forced into any sort of social blackmail by the hivemind.
  10. it sounded like you wanted him to spit in their faces.......
  11. Of course it did, I worded it to inspire and motivate Legit.
  12. Its not like I haven't hit people because of this.