Legit's IRL birthday AMA!

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  1. So to day is my birthday, and I want to do an AMA. :0 Ask away.
  2. If person a has ten cats and person b has 3 cats, how many cats are on earth?
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  4. #withertornado or #momentusrain
  5. What's the single biggest problem facing humanity today?
  6. is nick pretty?
  7. Tornado

    The way education is done, at least here in North America.

    We tend to teach kids how to copy answers and put them onto tests/assignments, and less about teaching them to think. Sure, you might know everything that Albert Einstein, but if you were never taught how to really think for yourself, you lack the ability to do great things, because you won't be used to having to make decisions by yourself, just the ability to recall what other people did.

  8. Are you really legit?
  9. What is your favorite color? :p
  10. Still up for questions. :)