Legit's complaint on the Disney Channel

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  1. Ah the Disney Channel, once a place of good shows, now full of live action crap. I loved it up until I was around 11, that's when it went downhill. Everything was funny, but then it turned into senseless cartoons and crappy teen shows. To help you know what I mean, here is how it went, at least for me.

    When I first started watching it, all the shows were funny and well made. Sure, some of them were weird, but still funny. It was like this for around two years, then, it really took it in balls. Everything turned to romance. Even the old shows started turning into this. Gone was the funniness and slightly realistic themes, and now its just senseless romance with no point. Actually, it seems all the cartoons I watched turned into this, no matter what channel it is. Am I the only one who feels this?
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  2. You are not the only one who feels this.
  3. i agree with this, disney channel has been putting on garbage show's for a while now i haven't watched since i was 12:p
  4. Meh. Disney Channel's been downhill since I learned of Cartoon Network. Now days, the only cartoons I watch are Regular Show and the Simpsons. Other than that, I only watch Doctor Who, Food Network and the History Channel.
    So yeah, romance ruins TV, unless it was intended for romance. Also, why must all the Disney shows involve singing/singers?
  5. But it's not just Disney Channel. Not trying to offend Americans but I find the majority of american kids shows(actually the majority of tv shows) involve pointless romance.
  6. simpsons is awesome!!:D
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  7. One of the only show that I remember that DIDN'T go straight down hill was The Suite life of Zak and Cody. No, not the second show, I mean the original one. Whenever there was a romantic theme, it was for one episode, ONE. EPISODE. Not five weeks worth of episodes. It was all funny, and then it ended, and the new show happened.
  8. i loved that show!!!! :D
  9. My wife used to insist on having the channel for our kids. It used to drive me nuts that we were paying for it and a couple of times a year they would give non-subscribers a week for free. To make it worse they would constantly advertise the fact to rub it in. There's not a richer, more money grabbing media company on the planet.
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  10. Well, actually, Suite life on deck was good for around half of its run, then it sucked.
  11. I stoped watching Disney channel shows 2 years ago when i was 17.

    Edit: Joking. On a serious note, I never liked any Disney show/movie
  12. legit we have alot in common:p
  13. And one thing different. You spam useless post whereas Legit posts many useful posts.
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  14. what do i spam
  15. If you ask me, Disney should make ANOTHER channel, and call it something along the lines of Disney Classic. Just from that, you should know what the point is. It would be for reruns of the shows that aired from the start of Disney Channel, all the way to around, I guess 2010.
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